In My House

For myself, my family, and my friends:
In my home: the “medicine” that can save you, can also kill you.
In my home: juice pouches save lives.
In my home: we never sleep straight through the night.
In my home: our days are evaluated in numbers.
In my home: electronic devices are more than just phones…they keep them healthy and alive.
In my home: we worry at bedtime, will I wake up?
In my home: blood is shed every day.
In my home: we count carbs not calories.
In my home: we see candy as a life saver, not a treat.
In my home: we celebrate the little things everyday.
In my home: this is the norm.
Type 2 lives in my home.
Waiting for a cure since December 26th 2008


Nicely written!

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