Increased basals for allergy season?

my son's allergies have been worsening with asthma flair also. bs's on the rise since yesterday, no fever, so questioning allergies/ asthma vrs. viral process. just wondering does anyone have to increase their basals for bad allergies? thanks for any input. amy

Anything that changes around me, changes my BG. Seasons are huge for me. Everything shifts in late spring and fall, without asthma or allergies. It is always a time of great caution. I would not assume it is allergies causing this. Sometimes, it is just the weather--temps up or down.

How long has Jason had D? Patterns will emerge over time, but none will be a fail safe. From day to day, month to month, year to year, it changes.

I would also look at how any allergy meds affect his BGs. What is he taking: Claritin, Zyrtek, others? That could also be a huge BG factor.

thanks for replying! jacob is 13 and was diag. 3 years ago, he has been on flovent, flonase, albuterol nebs and zyertec he has been on all of this in some combination since D with not as much of a dramatic increase in bs, ussually they do not affect his levels much at all, i,m starting to think it is an especially bad year or he has a touch of a cold or sinus infection/ear infection brewing, no fever and doing slightly better today, off to school. i kept a temp basal increase on him all night (10 then 15%) he got up at 130 am and he was 280 ish small bolus and up to 15%, he got up at 205 not so bad considering, i kept the temp basal on, we'll see how the day goes! thanks for your concern, i know just when you figure things out... plus he is going to be going into the crazy growing teen stage, but i do not think that is what is going on right now! best wishes amy

It must be awful to temp basal as a mom...

Watch the med combo also--seems like he takes a lot of meds for allergies. Does he need all of them? What has he had poaitive tests for? Do any of the meds have inter reaactions?

Oh,and the hormonal year.. For me, 13-19 were horrible years of no conrol.

bs better yesterday with temp basal on, i stopped it last evening and he is better no up to pee with high bs last night! i think this crisis is passing! he hasnt been officially tested for allergies we have talked about it, but his pediatrician didnt feel that strongly about it, we will be stopping the albuterol and flovent soon he only needs those for the asthma flair, he decided the eye drops and nose drops dont help alot, so he will be down to just the allergra soon, we tried local honey for almost 9 months we thought it helped in the fall but not so sure now, we are still doing it though for the antiviral antibacterial properties, he really is a trooper with all his meds when he is really bad he says allegies and his shyness ( unwillingness to treat his D or talk about it at school, obviously he does what he has do to but he is so self concious!) is worse than having D itself, tough week emotionally for me, thanks for listening! hope all is well with you. I am blessed that he is an organized, responsible and emathetic boy which should serve him well with dealing with his D down the road. some days are harder than others as you know! thanks again amy

It's really hard to tell what effect allergies have. I had one year that was horrible a few years ago where I went high for weeks and my endo said that when I have allergies my body could be acting like it's sick. But then this year I've also had pretty horrible allergies and my BGs have been fine ... But there might be other stuff going on that cancels out the effects of the allergies (removal of stress, etc.).

I agree with T1Forever who said it could be the start of puberty. That changes everything!

I also agree with your son: when I'm having a horrible allergy day it's almost worse than diabetes. I was actually just writing a blog on that topic, since the other day I nearly left work sick from allergies! I could barely function even after taking allergy medications.

thanks for your input jen, i know so many variables! i hope you are feeling better, thank goodness it doesnt last all year long, i really thought we were onto something with the local honey thing, but not so much now! i think he is going to be slow with puberty we have had to increase basals a bit but no real signs of anything yet, just a little moodiness! best wishes amy

Unfortunately my allergies do last year-round, since I am allergic to a ton of indoor stuff (dust, dust mites, mold, cat and dog dander) as well as the regular pollens, grasses, and weeds! But my allergies are definitely much worse in the spring, summer, and fall than during the winter. I'm glad your son only has to deal with allergies in the spring. :)

Allergies are related to autoimmune disease as they are an overreaction to some benign thing. I developed an allergy to tree pollen a few years ago. It only gets me during early spring- like now- and then it vanishes. I use an inhaler when I need it, but I really hate to add anyting else to my plate.

Steroid inhalers absolutely cause increase in sugars. They are known to cause increased insulin resistance while on them. Ive only ever needed to use a standard albuterol one tho. I have heard that flovent can cause this as well.
you shuould ask the his endo. It is more likely to be cause by drugs than by allergies themselves