Increased basals for allergy season?

my son's allergies have been worsening with asthma flair also. bs's on the rise since yesterday, no fever, so questioning allergies/ asthma vrs. viral process. just wondering does anyone have to increase their child's basals for bad allergies? thanks for any input. amy

We don't increase his basal, but when the allergies cause coughing, we always have a BG rise. We usually handle that with corrections rather than basals, because when he stops coughing he is back to his normal BG range.

Have you had a need to increase asthma medication? I have seen a need to increase with that.

My son has really crazy BGs when he uses an inhaled steroid. So we try not to use it very often. If he's not on medication, his coughing doesn't seem to affect his BG.

he's on flonase, eye drops, albuterol nebs, flovent and allegra!, all of which have not caused crazy bs's before, i would suspect a sinus infection or ear infection but no temp, we'll see what the night brings, i've been increasing corrections and now have his basal rate up 25% stuck in the mid 200's at least he is a good drinker in no ketones! amy

Med wise, we only get bumps up with inhaled steroid (BG rise of a couple of hours only) and liquid steroid (many days of BIG impact). I would watch for children do not always run fevers with ear or sinus infections.

thanks for the input we may be at the pediatrician tomorrow we'll see how the night goes!