Sinus / high BGs

I seem to have a sinus infection and my BG has gone wild. Up to 360 overnight, boluses every couple hours, down to around 300 now. I’m a pumper so I upped my basal by 50% too. DH is
making a pharmacy run for ketostix. Two Qs:

Under what conditions must I seek medical help for the high BG? I’m on the road (of course)…

Should I be quicker to start an antibiotic than in the past? I’m T1 dx late last year so this is pretty new to me.

Thanks for any advice/experience you can share.

Also, ketostix says no ketones, Nova Max Plus says 2.2…

I also go high with sinus infections. Raising my basal is a good plan for me. Just be really sure to test frequently.

I've learned after years of sinus crap to get the antibiotics right away so's not to suffer any longer than needed. There have been times (on steroids) that I've had to raise my basal to 200%. Sounds as if you're thinking in the right direction. Just keep testing a lot and tweaking your basal as needed.

Hope you feel better soon!

If you are not spilling Ketones then your getting enough insulin to stay out of trouble. If
you feel like walking try to walk your BG down under 200 and this will help the resistance your experiencing.

Being out of town, strange food, and having a infection would be a perfect storm for me.

Good luck and stay hydrated.

Thanks for your thoughts. I was ready to change out my pod - I don’t feel sick enough for this much BG effect - but numbers are finally coming down. Under 250 and falling (per my Dexcom)!
And yes, I’ll soon go out and try to walk a little resistance off. Not what the body feels like doing when high!

Infections/illnesses always make my BG go up. A lot. My rule for seeking medical attention is if I am unable to get my BG below 250 for any reasonable amount of time, have BGs that seem absolutely resistant to any amount of insulin I give myself (and I obviously do all the typical stuff like give a shot, try a new bottle, etc), have ketones, or am unable to keep liquids and food down. If I have any two of these issues, I go to the ER because I know it's not long before I can get into real trouble. IV insulin and fluids in these situations does WONDERS.