Increasing fasting blood sugar insight

Walgreens pharmacy Hours When I was first diagnosed with LADA, my fasting blood sugars were anywhere from the 70’s to the low 90’s occasionally. Over the past couple of weeks though, I’ve noticed my fasting BG has been no lower than the upper 80’s with majority of the readings being 95 and up. It has been 105 and higher on quite a few occasions (I even caught a 117 after 9 hours with no food :grimacing:). My post prandial spikes are staying the same as they have been (spiking to 160-190 with high carb meals and keeping spikes under 130/140 with lower carb meals). Can anyone make sense of this or is it just LADA and my pancreas making up their own rules again?

I am a LADA, misdiagnosed as T2 at age 57, diagnosed as T1/LADA at 59 when I asked for the antibody tests. I was diagnosed as diabetic when my fasting BG finally crossed 125, and my brother (T1 for 50 years) gave me a home A1C that was 6.9.

Before the diagnosis, my fasting BGs were going up about 5 points per year, and it seems to be continuing that way. I use my fasting/pre-breakfast BG reading to determine when my Lantus dose needs another increase, when the 10-day average is consistently above 130.

In short, I would guess your antibodies are attacking your pancreas, and this is part of your LADA getting worse.

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I wouldn’t worry. Sounds fine.