Infected Ingrown Toenail

Pre-D, I wouldn't worry about this sort of thing, but my 10 year old just said, "I wonder if my toe's infected. Yuck. Pus!" Oh great, she's right. The doctor's office is of course closed for the evening. We soaked it and put some antibiotic cream on it. Is this just a normal kid, ingrown toenail thing, or should I be panicking? (Not that it will actually help anything if I do.)

Thanks, Cindy

If blood sugar levels are in a good range, normally you should have no problem…but I would contact your doctor in the mornig for at least your sanity.

I wouldn’t panic. It happens. My sister and brother used to get them all the time and they are not diabetic. However, when you do see a doctor, I would make an appointment with a podiatrist. She will need the ingrown part of the nail removed. My daughter’s diabetic educator said that should my daughter ever have any infections in the foot, that she should always go to a podiatrist. I don’t know if a prediabetic would be the same, but I would recommend the same myself.

The endo wasn’t worried and referred her to the pedi. The pedi and I talked and decided that we would soak her foot and do the ususal home rememdies for a few days and see if it didn’t sure itself, just like I would do were Clara not D. It does seem to be healing.