Infection can cause low blood sugar?

CBC came back this evening showing elevated WBC. Feeling quite off color. Some infection? But don't know exactly where. Lots of abdominal pain though, so maybe a stomach bug.

Blood sugars weird today. Lowish all day and no need to take any of my usual bolus (and I was eating) - which is why I went to get CBC. Was 65 AFTER lunch... corrected with some chocolate (without guilt!! :) Yes, I know that's not fast sugar, but 65 is not low enough for me to worry about bringing it up fast and I had eaten lunch).

I though infection caused high BS. But can it also cause low BS?

Reduced my nighttime basal by 30% tonight. Scared of going low during the night. Ate a snack as extra insurance and bolused only 1/4 of usual for that food... and only up to 124!

Hope this is all ressolved by tomorrow.

Whenever I start getting sick with a flu or some sort of infection, I have low blood sugars for a day or two. And I mean lows to the point where I barely need any insulin all day and I have to constantly eat to keep it up. Very strange! Then, the highs begin. Since I know when I have all day lows that I am probably getting sick, I try to do everything I can to keep my immune system up so I recover faster.

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon!