Infection with infusion site...for pumpers

Hi there. I need your expertise. I have been pumping for 1 year and I have the mini med.
I use silhouette infusion sets. 2 months after starting I hit really allergic to
The silhouette and I was told to use iv3000 between my skin
And the silhouette. That worked for 8-9 months but now it appears
That I am allergic to the Iv 3000. Have you had this problem? Medtronic
Is suggesting I am allergic to the cannula it I know that its
Not that because the area of the cannula does not appear red.
But the skin surrounding the outer border of the iv3000 does and it
Gets really itchy. Suggestions?

I stopped using the IV3000 *really* quickly as it wasn't up to running. I switched to this tape called FlexFix Opsite tape that's really strong stuff. In the summer, after long runs when it was hot, I'd use a lancet to poke the "sensor bubble" to drain the sweat out. You'd have to try it to check the allergy stuff but I like it a lot.

Great thanks

would you suggest this for CGM users as well? I am allergic to the adhesive for the sensors and have been trying to find a barrier but I can't seem to find anything that works. ..but this FlexFix, do you think that would work for a dexcom CGM?

You are not supposed to put anything under the Dexcom. The sensor is coated with an enzyme and going through anything but skin will interfere. You could cut a hole in the middle of it for the sensor though and have your skin protected under the rest of it.