Sticky tape?

My daughter has an insulin pump and the CGM. My question to ya’ll is what kind of tape do you use to secure yours? We’ve tried opsites, paper tape, plastic tape- basically all the different kind of tapes that are sold in our pharmacy. My daughter breaks out in a rash from the tape and the sensor and then the tape doesnt really want to stick? Any advice?

I have really sensitve skin, only thing I can use long term is IV 3000–can handle tagaderm long enough to play in the water–but not much longer or it irritates it too. As long as I don’t leavethe sensor in for longer than three days I just geta little welt around the edges of the sensor tape that goes away in a day (YMMV)

I get the IV 3000 hand dressing and cut them in half–half over the sensor side and half over the transimitter–easiear to replace only half of it if your one of the lucky ones who can trick the sensor and get more than three days (I am not) that way you can disconnect the transmitter for recharge and only have to replace half-they are pricey…but a box lasted me almost 9 months–which is less than $8/month…if you have medical saavings thingy you can use it to cover the cost–most insurances (like mine) won’t cover :frowning:

For my sensors I use an IV Prep around the sensor and transmitter, let it get tacky and then use IV 3000 dressings…If they start to bother me I will replace the IV 3000 about every other day…if they lift then I will take them all off and clean around the area, let it breathe for a little while and then I begin again…As long as I take the IV 3000 off about every 2 days and let it breathe then I don’t have as many problems…I am allergic to adhesive so I really get reactions…it it really itches…take all the dressing off and then put benadryl anti itch cream on the area…it would be a good idea to move the sensor area from one side to another after awhile…that way you are give the area that gets “angry” and will allow it to have some time to feel better…Hope this helps

Maybe you can try duoderm. Duoderm is a skin friendly adhesive used to aid in the healing of bed sores and other skin wounds. It protects wounds from contamination. It is also used in colostomy appliances to adhere them to the skin.

I am allergic to most tapes, but medtronic has available IV3000 1-Hand referred to as bandelettes adhesives which work well when placed over the sensor. They are essential to stabalizing the sensor, an dprotect it from moisture when taking a shower. Contact medtronic for help. Wishing you well, kwlawson

I have allergies to tape as well. I have to use IV prep before tape and then still the only tape I can handle next to my skin is IV3000. The sensor is tuff cause I can not use IV prep so I have to insert it then use IV prep around it. Then I use IV3000 around it also before I put the tape on the sensor down. It is the only way I can do it I hope this helps.
Ne well and be loved