Infusion set mishap

I did a change today and for some reason it didn't stick:) I don't usually remove my previous one right way just incase so I just reused the 'plug in'.

Questions from a newbie:

Is this ok/good?

how long can you reuse a spot?

Should I redo the whole works again...Prime, load cartridge and the whole nine yards...



Let me see if I understand correctly. You went to change sites and it did bot stick so instead you just used the old site? if so you would not have to switch out the new insulin or even tubing you primed but instead just insert new site and attach priked tubing to it and you will be set. It is not a great idea to over use your infusion sites pass the three days since the longer it is in the chance of infection increases. I hope this helps

Sorry am really a rookie at this what do you mean by priked tubing…being pumping for less than a month.

priked should read primed tubing ???

I’m pretty sure ‘priked’ is a typo for ‘primed’.

Anyway, not a good idea to keep using the same site over and over, especially twice in a row. There’s a possibility of infection and scarring. You should have been taught to rotate sites in your training. I try to keep the next site at least two inches from the last site. Try making a star pattern around the original site. That’s six infusion sets. Then switch to the other side of your abdomen.

If you get a bad site or mess up inserting the new infusion site, you don’t have to start all over again (cartridge, prime, the whole nine yards). Just insert a new infusion set, hook up your pump, prime and off you go.


What kind of pump are you using? Did you get any training at all?

Terry is right. I keep a log of my sites

thanks guys it was meant to be primed it was a late night for me. gives a whole new meaning to you know your diabetic when you can understand another diabetics post even when one word is misspelled

The ideal is one thing. Reality is another. It sounds like this was a one time or very occasional event. So I don’t see the point in telling someone not to reuse a site once. It is not going to matter in the long run if it is not a habit. Now, if the person has unlimited insurance coverage, OK, start over if you want. [and K did not really need to do the whole thing over in any regard] But if there is an issue of supplies being carefully rationed, then I don’t see a need to … well, I am trying to select my words carefully but sometimes I feel like responses demand the ideal in all circumstances. Sometimes a short-term compromise can be OK but this is the opinion of a non-perfectionist so it isn’t worth more than two cents.