Infusion set on leg (thigh) vs stomach

Can anyone give me advise on issues that I have to concider when having the infusion set on my thigh vs. my stomach using a medtronic pump. thanks

Well, you might trip over it. :) (((-ducking-)))

Seriously, there are a couple of things that may be different.

In the belly, you've got the infusion set tapped into a nice fat layer. Unless you are doing situps or crunches routinely, it's a pretty static area. Contrast this to your leg, which spends a great deal of time moving. And here is the rub: blood flow changes. If you want dependable insulin absorption that is repeatable time after time, you may find you do better with a more "static" site. Some people get roller-coaster highs and lows, directly triggered by the onset and intensity of exercise. If you are one of these folks then putting the infusion site near a big muscle group with highly variable blood flow could be a trainwreck. But the only way to know, is to try.

The other is pain. Some people report more discomfort when using these "alternate" site placements. Others find it very acceptable. It's an individual thing.

My vote would be to try it. If you get out-of-control, you're just a quick infusion set change away from "the way it was". As with any change, keep your glucose tabs handy, tell your friends and family what you are trying, and wear your MedAlert bracelet so if something evil does happen, the first responders wont miss your "stealth" pump/infusion site.

And do let us know what you find. :)

You can use your belly, back, legs, backside, arms...

I use QuickSets the backside of my arms, 4 site's on each arm and this gives my abdomen a 24 day vacation.

I have no issues using my thighs, but I have 61 year old woman thighs with a nice layer of fat LOL. I have 4 sites I use near the inner thigh, pretty much away from th muscle.

I've never had very good luck using my legs. No pain, but the absorption for me isnt as good. I just rotate around my tummy. But everyone is different and many have had good success with it. Let us know how it goes.

Thank you all for the replies.

I would also like to add that insulin absorption is often a little slower in the leg and if you have leg hair, then removing the infusion set might be painful as well.

Give it try. More sites for infusion sets is always good.

I always use my stomach or my hips/backside. My stomach always hurts more as I have a lot of scar tissue. But it gives my hips a break. My tape also doesn't stick as well on my stomach for some reason? I have only used my leg once. It was fine putting it in and lasted a couple of days. But when I took the site out it hurt badly and knotted up for several days. Haven't tried again :/

This really depends on the infusion set. I use Animas's straight through (all in one), and it works great. I use it on my back arms, front stomach, my back, upper buttocks, and thighs. For your legs, you may need an IV3000. Lastly (in my opinion, this is what I do), I make sure that the tubing is facing downward. This way if my pants start to fall, my belt buckle will not get caught in the groove of the infusion set, and rip it out accidentally out of your body. Never use you back legs, it may be uncomfortable each time you sit.


Tried it once and found it VERY uncomfortable--like laying on a small rock. May try the arm thing though--great tip, JohnG! What length tubing do you use?

Evidence as part of my strategy to move infusion sets around ; was also easy to disconnect , when I went for a dip in the Waikiki Condo pool . I participated in the Great Aloha Run ( as a walker ) ; for occasions of that kind, I do not use my legs as there is concern of absorbtion . I always use IV3000 to tape the set down .I have been using Sure-T's for a number of years .

Geez nel, infusion set aside... you look great! Wish I looked 1/2 as good LOL

jrtpup ...thanks :) I am surprised , that this Speedo suit , about 13 years old , did not fall apart , after I came out of the pool LOL .