Leg pump users

I finally found a comfortable way to wear my pump on my leg (I use my thigh for the infusion site). Medtronic makes a pouch that has a Velcro strap that you can cut to size. I put a sweat band on my ankle, and wrap the strap around my ankle. Super comfortable. Not sure if it works for the skinny jeans folks...but boot cut jeans are the perfect camoflauge.

Where on your thigh to you put the infusion set? How long is the tube to reach your ankle? II had no luck with the "thigh thing" that was like a garter. But it became an "ankle thing" if I moved a lot. I do have a pump band thing that fits around the waist, that might work. I use 26" tubing, I hate to see all that insulin be used up in tubing that I see when priming. Thanks

I've never used it on my leg but would love to learn where to put it. I know when I started shots 10 years ago, I would get swelling on my legs/thighs so I stopped and switched to my abdomen solely.

I put the infusion set on the inside of my thigh. I'm only 5'2" so there's extra tubing. I am fortunate to have good insurance and an endo who writes generous insulin prescriptions for me.

I've attached a link to a photo.

[1220-leg.jpg|attachment](upload://5cPjXVPZa7HKmsJ5c3Jx3J0vRzY.jpeg) (82.8 KB)

I have never experienced swelling.

You know, we pumpers do have interesting photos to post. I posted a photo (my husband took it) of my abdomen with my pump on my waistband, and my infusion set. I wrote on a piece of masking tape, across my upper abdomen "this is my insulin pump" for D awareness month. I talked about having type 1, and asking friends who have type 2 in their family to get tested. The sun tattoo around my navel made an appearance too.

I'm 5'6" so I'll take a measuring tape and measure from mid-thigh to waistband to see if it will work. I would think the inner thigh would have less potential for "unpeeling" when lowering pants (for changing clothes etc...) than the outer thigh.

Inner thigh is definitely better.

I don’t understand where on your inner thigh you put yor infusion set? Do you have a pic or something that explains? If possible.

Hi Siri,it is currently about 6 inches above my knee, on the inner thigh, just beyond the seam of my jeans.

I appreciate your detailed description - kinda like a GPS for pump sites

Hi, I use my abdomen, outer thighs and hip are for CGM and infusion sites. I’ve never thought to use the inner thigh as it just seems like such a sensitive spot. Doesn’t it hurt there? Cheryl

It doesn't hurt at all to infuse on inner thighs. And its less likely that my jeans rub against it. I use my upper arms for CGM.

I have been using my thigh just recently and I have seen more stable blood sugars now more than ever. I used to use solely just my abdomen but the bloodsugars are all over the place. I thought it was just the way my diabetes behaved. Even my doctor told me that I was very brittle. I am so excited about this. I rarely ever have a blood sugar higher than 12mmol .:wink::grinning: