Sites other than stomach?

Can anyone suggest some new ares for the infusion sets? I need somewhere other than the stomach. My issue is that when I did needles I thought the thigh hurt terribly and I am afraid to do the infusion there. I need some ideas and advice. Even if you use the thigh can you let me know if you think it is painful and where on the thigh is the least painful. Thank You

I use my thighs, hips, and arms.

For the thighs, make sure it's in a fairly fatty area-that there's something you can pinch up. You can try shorter cannulas there as well. You can try pressing down hard on the area for kike 20 before you insert. I think I actually got that tip from someone on here. It does have a numbing affect. You could also try an infusion set that has better gauge. I think the Orbit micro has the smallest diameter.

You might also consider asking for Emla cream or some other numbing cream.

You can try that stubborn bit of fat most people refer to as the love handles areas. This area works better for me with shorter cannulas.

I mostly my abdomen but try to reach far as I can. I use the Sils and manually inserting would be hard.I still have some Quicksets and Sure-t's so I may try my upper backside and back love handles.

I've just started using my thighs on medical advice and it's far more comfortable than expected. I also like the fact any damage is invisible if swimming etc. However...
1. The sites appear to last 2 days not 3 (more movement, less fat perhaps?)
2. The insulin absorption differs, so I've got some Apidra for thigh use. OK better than the Novo was for speed, but am still finding the insulin uptake to be slower and longer than 'advertised'. Now as it happens Apidra only last two days in vitro in pump use (says so in the pamphlet).

Regards stomach, I've been advised you can go around the sides a few inches, not just the central area.

I was going to ask a similar question as you, but from the slower site issues and other folks' experiences of this.

I use apidra in my pump, and have no issues with it lasting three or four days. I put my sites in my legs, and, hips, thighs, and stomach.

I've had to give up with the thighs. The skin marked badly and the insulin action was too much delayed. Sugar shot up during the day and plummeted overnight. With the Apidra, I lost the marking, but the action was still on the slow side from those sites.

Strangely found butt cheeks are a good spot for it. Only think is I do need to change the infusion sets for ones with longer needles in the cannula's as the ones I use on my stomach are too short when used and cause lumpiness (yet they work great on my stomach). Was unsure to begin with but found they don't even get in the way when sitting or riding so all pretty good really. And not painful at all which is even more handy :)

I put my CGM on my butt cheeck. This creates less scar tissue on my stomache. I just tried the short cannula that has a metal needle that stays in in the epidermis. I really liked it. The diabetic care coordinator I saw suggested I try different length cannulas for the scar tissue problem. All the cannnulas that go in at an angles seem to be about the same length. I only got a sample of 2 of the short ones so far but plan to order some.

I like the short ones for my stomach and flanks as the long ones were painful. But for the butt cheeks they are causing swelling and lumps due to not going in far enough it seems. I see my DSN (diabetic specialist nurse who handles things like this) on Friday so am going to try and acquire some longer ones to try there. She was the one who got me the shorter ones anyhow due to me not having enough meat for the longer ones it seems in the mid areas.

My abs push out longer ones that do not go in at a diagnonal as well.