Infusion Sets for Revel

Do you prefer the mio infusion set or the quick set infusion set for the Medtronic Revel Pump and how long of a cord is best to get?

I definitely prefer the Mio. Easy to use, and "all in one" so that you never have to remember the Quickserter. I use the 32" tubing. I find that it's the perfect length - not too long, but long enough so that I can wear my pump just about anywhere.

My daughter is only 5'1". Is that cord going to be too long?

I am an inch shorter than your daughter (5 feet tall exactly) and I don't find the 32" too long. But it depends on how she's going to wear it. For example, sometimes my site is on my tummy or butt or hip, but I stash the pump in my bra. In that case, the 32" tubing is perfect so that I can pull the pump out of my bra to bolus without pulling on my site. If I attach my site to my lower back, I need the tubing to be long enough to go around my body and into wherever I want to keep my pump.

I think men typically just keep their pumps in their pockets or on their belt. But with women's clothing, you've gotta get a bit more creative. Dresses are always interesting. Sometimes I use a band around my leg and clip the pump there. Again, if you're wearing your site on your butt or lower back, you need that extra length so that you can pull the pump out when you need to use it.

What do you do with the extra cording when you don't need it? Do you just wrap it around it or will that kink the cord?

I tuck it into the waistband of my pants usually. You can get little clips to roll it up, but then when you go to bolus, you need to pull the pump out and bring it closer to your eyes, so the length is needed (if that makes sense). I've had no trouble just tucking the tubing into my pants or pocket. Only once that I can recall where doing that resulted in a kink, but the alarm sounded right away and I removed the "occlusion" and all was good.

How old is your daughter? Is this her first time using a pump?

You can just stuff the extra tubing in your pants. Don't, like, tie it in knots or anything, but it is more than flexible enough to be stuffed down the waistband.

That said, I use the Quickset 23 inch. I'm 5'7" and it works great for me. I almost always have the infusion set on my butt or lower back (or abdomen, but not since I got pregnant!) and wear the pump on my waistband or front jeans pocket. I'm not a big dress wearer, but I have a garter thing I use when I do wear one.

One advantage of the shorter tubing: when I've taken the pump off my waistband and just laid it beside me on the couch (or whatever), and then inevitably forget and stand up -- it's not long enough for my pump to hit the floor. It just swings.... (and no, it doesn't hurt, usually).

I use the quickset and the shorter tube. i do plan on asking medtronic to send me a mixed bacth next time. I am still getting use to the differant places to put it. i have always worn my shirts tucked in and I am not comfortable yet with this . i keep my pump in my pockets an on my belt. i just tuck the extra tube in my pocket next to the pump so far so good

One thing I do sometimes is cut a small hole in my pocket, just large enough to thread the tubing through. Then, I connect my pump through the hole. With women's clothing, you've gotta get a little creative sometimes.

I like the Sure-T (small metal needle) and 32" tubing. One of the nice things about the Sure-T is that the needle can actually be moved if there is a problem with the site without ruining the rest of the infusion.

Medtronics will send you samples of each type if you ask so that you can decide from experience which works best.

thanks i might just do that

I use the longest tubing (43 inch) they have with the Silhouette. I generally keep my infusion site in my abdomen and the pump on my belt, which are quite close to one another. However, the longer tubing helps when I need to bolus or otherwise "use" the pump, as I can bring the pump up to my head rather than bring my head down to the pump. It also helps when using the bathroom, as I can keep the pump clipped to my belt (or in my pocket) and not worry about where to put it. I stuff the extra tubing in my waistband.

I was using the Quick Set for a time but was getting odd results from the use of the canula "crimping". I changed to the Sure-T and the problem went away. I like the Sure-T as the insertion needle is metalic and will not "crimp". Also, the fitting around the actual insertion site is very low profile. The addidtion of a second site for the tubing connector ensures there is no problem pulling the needle out inadvertantly if things get caught. The Sure-T is considerably cheaper also, which rasies a few questions. Why would it be cheaper, the materials are pretty much the same as all the other insertion devices, all of which are way too expensive for what they are? I noticed that you can buy the insertion sets online far chaeper than getting them directly from Medtronic, why is this?

Permit me a litle humor here. I like the extra long tubing. If it was any longer than that I could go fishing for diabetic fish! (Pod user told me that - hates MM). I like the Quick set myself. Tubing length doesn't bother me.