Mio infusion sets

Has anyone used both the mio and quick sets? I have used quick sets for years, but am interested in trying the mio.
Is there an advantage or disadvantage to using 6mm vs 9mm? I am torn whether to keep using 23" tubing or go to the 32"

Thanks Lori

I use the mios now. I will say that I will never use quick sets again because I had a problem with the canula kinking when I would insert. I have never had that problem with the mios and I love how the whole thing is contained. There are no loose needles to deal with.

I don’t use Minimed, but I seem to remember others here saying you could call them and ask to try a variety of their sets & they’d send them to you. The shorter cannulas are sometimes preferred by those with lean bodies. I’m average size, and I didn’t really notice any difference. I used to like the longer tubing, but now I’ve switched to the shorter, there’s less tubing to stuff into your pants, although it does make getting dressed a bit more challenging. I usually stand next to my chest of drawers and put the pump in an open drawer.

Hi @Lori31,
I’ve used quick sets for a solid year and half. I love them. I will tell you why, i’ve got a couple reasons.

  1. the length of the cannula is longer than most infusion sets- 9mm is a pretty good long length.
  2. I’ve tried most of the infusion sets by medtronic and had to ditch them within a six months time at the longest. I’ve used the T-Sure (was way too painful and not consistent enough for me), Silhouette- pretty sure I am allergic to the cannula. I developed many skin infections from these, and I’m on the quick set now with the best results.
  3. After many weight fluctuations due to pregnancies, I have found the quick set to be the most consistent among them all.

The only reason I like the longer tubing is due to pregnancy and a growing belly. Otherwise, the short the tubing the better for me.
My 2 cents is, try the Mio! Why not? You can always go back to the quick sets. I completely recommend getting a sample of the Mios. Contact your local rep for samples to try it out or ask your endo to get samples. You will need to get the inserter for the Mio. I got all mine for free from my local medtronic rep. If that doesn’t work, call Medtronic. They will send you a couple through the mail. They did this for me many times.

I’ve eyed the Mio a couple times to see if would work for me but I love the quick sets too much to change. The cannula length pretty much has me happy right where I’m at.
I wish you the best,


Hi Lori,
When I run out of my Sof sets I plan to use the Mio.

I use the 23" tubing and like it for two reasons. 1. It is shorter and so there is less line to hide, and 2. It holds less insulin so less waste.

I use the 9mm but when I started pumping that was the only option, and it works.

I do think you should call and ask for samples of all the options and try them so you can find what works best for you.

When I was last interested in trying out a variety of infusion sets, I was surprised to learn that my infusion set supplier was happy to mix and match my 90-day supply order. I don’t know why I never thought of that previously!

I have used both. For a while the canulas were getting bent or I hit a bad site and had to change the Quick set pretty frequently, tried Mio and loved it, but they take up so much space if you travel- we go away for 2 1/2 months, so every bit of space counts, so I switched back to quick sets and do like a tubing of the shortest available, it is less stuff to tuck into my pants! It also depends on how nervous you are with the quick sets and I had a period of being very bungly with them. I liked the 6mm of both.

I have used the quikset for about 14 years now and have never had an issue. I have often thought of using the Mio (trying it out) but iI have not based on some reports of issues with the set package. Though to be fair I have not heard of these in the last 6 months at least.

I use the 42In model and it is a little long. But otehrs i have tired have been too short. grr I need just right


i have only used Insets, so I don’t have nearly enough useful information to add on that topic… I have tried both the 9mm and 6mm canula and find that I generally get less irritation in the area from the shorter canula, unless I’m using in in an area that has a lot more fat. As a result, I generally order only the 6mm. As for tubing length, I like to use thighs and arms for sites. On thigh sites, the shorter tubing is somewhat less troublesome (less tubing to worry about, etc.); however, it really is not long enough to comfortably route tubing from my arm to my belt, where I want to wear the pump. Next order, I will probably order “one of each” (I get 2 boxes of sets per month).

Each Mio comes with its own, disposable inserter. The Quickset has a separate inserter.
I switched from Quickset to Mio a few years ago. I like the Mio better, except for one thing. It’s not round, like the Quickset, and is easier to pull out. For instance, you are sitting pulled up to a table and stand up. The table catches the flat edge of the Mio and pulls it off. Most of the time now, I will tape down the Mio infusion set. But I still like them better than the Quicksets.

Hi @Michelle43,

I didn’t know each Mio came with its own disposable inserter. Thanks for sharing. With all the other infusion sets you have to have a dedicated inserter, well except for the T-Sure. I always put the T-Sure in manually.


I use the mios and like them the best. I use the 9mm because I don’t want it to pull out easily. They are not without issue. The canula can bend and so you have to watch bs for about 4 to 5 hours after you change to new set. I have also had some defective mios but minimed replaced them. Just frustrationg to me. Hope this helps.

I agree with Michelle about the MIO being somewhat better than quickset. I do miss the long tubing that you can get with QS though and the one hand manipulation as it sometimes takes both hands to re-attach the MIO.
The MIO comes per-packaged, inserter, needle, tubing and ready to attach reservoir.
scroll to bottom for picture of MIO

Just inserted my first mio. Didn’t hurt at all but it was hard to figure out how to get it to trigger but I got it. Hope I like it. I know this is totally stupid but I have a pink pump and like that even my infusion set is accessorized with my color scheme.