Infusion sets for those with little body fat

I'm currently using a Quick Set, and as I've been exercising more and losing fat, I haven't had much luck getting the Quick Set to work. I've just gone through four in the past hour because the cannula was bent each time. Does anyone have recommendations on alternative infusion sets? Thanks

Have you tried the Sure T infusion sets? Instead of a cannula, it has a small needle. They are very comfortable and I have never had any issues with them. Call Medtronic and they can send you some samples. Good Luck!

I use the Mio infusion set for that very reason. The needle is 6mm and I normally don't have to many issues. I have had a few where I've hit a vein or the muscles in the abdomen area but for the most part, I really like it much more than MDI's. Good luck!

Mark, I run into the same issues using the quick sets. I did have better luck with the 9mm infusion set. I think I am going to try the silouette infusion sets next.

I switched from Quick Sets back to the Soft-Set about 7-8 years ago because I was getting too many bent cannulas. It kinda happened all of a sudden, and I basically lost the ability to use certain areas of my abdomen that had been very good. (The Soft-Sets let me see how well the set had gone in before committing to the site.)

This might be what's happening to you as your body composition changes. You might try using the same infusion sets in different places before totally changing sets.

If you’re using the 9 mm Quick Set, try the 6 mm version. I use the 6 mm without issue in my (muscular) thighs.

When my son started pumping at age 14 (scrawny build) he was OK with quick sets on his thighs. As his thigh muscles developed (lots of hockey) they would bleed and block up or bend. Since that age/problem, he's been using silhouettes manually inserted on abdomen sites and sure T's on other site areas. Ask Medtronic to send you some samples of both.

The Quick Set is very frustrating to use, I find. I continue to use them - and discard them- because of the reduced discomfort with insertion. Practice, which is costly, seems to be the only way to master the process. You have to reach a skill level before insertion can occasionally be done on the first try. It also requires concentration and focus. I hope a comparable, compatible alternative comes along soon.

Good luck.


I have little body fat and have had the exact same problem several times (with quick set and silhouette) my doctor recommended the Sure-T infusion set, it has a metal cannula and has so far worked out for myself! The only downside is that it has two "sticky" parts you have to place on yourself instead of the one, Hope it helps!

I use the silhouettes. They are inserted almost parallel to the skin, I have a hard time because the straight 90 degree sets run into the muscle and get occluded. If you use one with a smaller cannula it will help, but I found that they come out more easily.

The silhouettes have an insertion device but I find it easier to put it in myself. I have no problems with them coming our or having them run into muscle.

Animas pumps have the exact same set called "comfort" too.

If you ask Medtronic , they should tell you silhouettes are recommended for lean people.

Thanks, all. I was previously on the Sure-T when I was 185 lbs, but when I went down to 175, the needle hurt a lot. Now that I'm 170, I'm having a lot of problems with Quick Set (6 mm, btw). And, I just got the Guardian CGM recently, but had to stop because it was painful, and I was bleeding. The Silhouette looks exactly like the CGM, so I seriously doubt that a 13 mm cannula would help, even if it's at an angle (like the CGM).

Has anyone had luck with infusion sets from other pumps? If I can't get this to work, it looks like I'll have to go back to syringes...

13 MM Silhouette (Animas Comfort Shorts ) Been using these for a good many years. I have not had any sets go bad for a long long time (years even), but recently lost some weight and have crimped a couple over the last few months.
Still, Sils are what they used to suggest for lean people.

Hmmmm. Try 'em all Mark. Medtronic will sample you no charge. May want to cover any set you choose with IV3000 patch. Hope this helps.

The silhouettes have a much smaller needle than the CGM. and the Angle is much steeper. I think a few peeps suggested trying a few different ones, but I have used the silhouetts and the comfort on Animas for many years and they work fine and don't hurt much,
I bleed a bit from the CGM sensors too. If you insert them both the CGM and the silhouettes manually instead of using that spring loaded thing, it is much less painful and you will get better results.

I also have a small frame with little body fat. I’ve used the Silhouette for over 5 years and it’s worked well. But, since the needle (a somewhat long one) goes in at an angle, I think it may have a tendency to traumatize more body tissue resulting in more scarring, faster. I just began trying the Sure-T less than a week ago, and since it’s so tiny, I don’t think ill develop as much scar tissue. Especially after beginning CGM use, it’s important to limit the amount of scarring since body real-estate gets used quickly and takes time to heal.

Hi! I'm a female 5'3" and 118 lbs. I use the silhouettes, I insert them manually and I cannot feel a thing! It may seem like the CGM but its different. Try inserting them manually. I used to have problems with the QUick sets because they always hurt and would bend. The Sils are probably a great option for you.

Hello Mark. I too have lost a lot of weight (40 lbs) this year. I use the 9mm Quick Set, but since I lost the weight the BS has gone up - that's weird. So I adjusted the pump and may start using the 6mm canula. I just got tired of the ankle swelling and shaving a fat face. Feeling better too. I'll be at my ideal weight by the end of Spring. Hang in there!

Thanks, all. I have just gone through a whole box of Quick Sets in a week and had my blood sugar spike severely three times. I asked Medtronic for Silhouette samples and will try them out. Looking forward to solving this problem soon...

I thought that would be an issue, but the two sticky parts really are not. It eliminates the "stress loop" I used to make in the tubing (and tape down) so a tug wouldn't pull on the Silhouette. So in the end, it's the same thing, actually a bit cleaner.

We use the MIO for our little, skinny 10 year old. We love them! Haven't had 1 problem.
She is able to use them on her abdomen no problem.