Choosing an infusion set?

How did you choose your present infusion set? Do you use the same kind of infusion set always? I started with the Minimed Quick Set and I had a fair amount of bent cannulas. I asked my Endo for a sample of something different and he gave me several Silhouettes. I bought a box of Sure-T’s thinking that the steel needle might be less irritating to my skin.

I don’t think I’m allergic to the teflon cannula but it does itch by the end of Day 2. I had a NO DELIVERY alarm several days ago while wearing the Sure T. When I spoke with the tech support person at Medtronic they suggested the polyfin QR and overnighted me several of those infusion sets.

Is it normal to have to ‘try’ more than one infusion set to find the right one?

I have just used what I was given :slight_smile: When I began on the Minimed Paradigm I was given Quick-sets, so just used those. They worked well for me and I like them.

Now, on the Ping, I was given Insets. I think I’ll keep using them…I like them as well.

When I started pumping about four years ago, I started with the Inset which is what I still use. I tried the Inset 30s, a few times, but they didn’t work good for me. I got the Insets with my Animas 1250 pump and since they work good I’ve just not tried anything else. I very, very rarely get a bent cannula or any other problem.

After looking at the options and discussion with my Endo, I decided on the QuickSets. I have 2 more box’s but I am considering switch to Mio as I travel a lot and it has its setter built in. I felt no differences between the Quickset and Mio.

I am not having itchng but have had issues where I used Quickset where I have less fat and have had issues.

Take a look at the Mio and keep looking till you find the one you are most comfortable with. Medtronics will send you 2 samples of any set you want to try.

As a Paradigm user, we are limited to the Minimed sets, normally, without the use of ‘adapters’ available online. Sure-T’s lines are too short. I prefer a 43" line, so I have no trouble in using legs, arms, backside whatever.

I alternate between Sills and Quick-Sets. Doing so helps with the absorption - IMO, and also it is good to not use the same depth and style forever. I’ve gone through many sets and styles in 14 years of various pumps.

Right now, I’m finding the Quick-Sets work best in upper buttocks, upper hip and outer thighs. Sills for front thigh, also outer hip and upper arms. I have stopped using abs because of the CGMS being there.

I have never heard of the Mio. I’ll see if it is available in the USA.

Mio’s in the US are :

MMT-921 18" tubing with 6mm cannula – Pink
MMT-923 23" tubing with 6mm cannula – Pink
MMT-925 32" tubing with 6mm cannula – Pink
MMT-941 18" tubing with 6mm cannula – Blue
MMT-943 23" tubing with 6mm cannula – Blue
MMT-945 32" tubing with 6mm cannula – Blue
MMT-965 32" tubing with 6mm cannula – Clear
MMT-975 32" tubing with 9mm cannula – Clear

I’m with Jenny - I use different type sets and also different lengths depending on where I put them. I am Animas Ping user so my sets have luer locks but I’ve tried several. First off - I had problems with Insets pulling out until I started using Skin Tac prep instead of IV Prep. It holds much better on my skin. I use both 23" and 43" tubing depending on where I put it. I only use the 23" with locations above my waist. I’m top heavy and these are too short to move freely if I insert below the waist. Also, if you want to use leg or backside you probably need the longer. I get 3 months of supplies at a time and right now have a few Contact/Detatch which are like Sure-T’s then I mostly order Insets - 23" and 43" half and half of each with an occasional box of Inset 30’s which I use above waist in leaner areas. Last week I ordered samples of Orbits after reading about them here but I think they are sending Orbit 90’s or something like that. Just try samples until you find what you like.

I appreciate everyone that responded to my post and question. It is such a relief to know that I’m not alone in not being absolutely sure which infusion set is the one for me. So far I’ve tried the Quick Set, Silhouette, Sure-T and Polyfin QR. I bought a box of Skin Prep from our local drugstore and used it this morning when I changed infusion sets. Hopefully it will help the adhesive to stay attached.

Thanks Karla for your note about using the longer length tubing for other site placements like leg or backside. That hint was most helpful :slight_smile:

I am in the minority, I think, as I still use the Sof sets. I tried the Sure T and the Quick Sets and have a box of Mios now. I tried one Mio and found damage and blood on the skin when I removed it. I may try it again but it was awkward for me. Some like them, however, and they are the newest MM set. They have their own inserter for each set. I had to look up instructions on the web and found pictures at one site that helped. See above for tube lengths and cannula sizes. For me, I am staying with the sof sets for now.

I started with INSET but after 3 weeks of struggling to get a reliable installation I switched to stainless steel, CONTACT-DETACH. I also alternate with the CONTACT-THALASET, also steel. In 6 months I have not experienced a site failure with steel, but the plastic ones only worked about 1/2 the time.

We did not have as much luck with skin prep… we use Skin Tac on my son which helps keep his site intact when playing sports. His original nurse educator only likes the silhouttes, but he can not insert them himself… so we are trying a variety. He is to try the MIO this week. I am hoping it is the miracle he needs to be independent with insertion and site changes.

The mios are great in our family opinion my sister and I use them as they are easy and fast for on the go with little mess we also use the mio’s for my 2 yr old niece and she is getting to where she will grab the sides and help inject which I think is great you know the more involved they are the better off they are.

I also use different sets for different parts of the body. Sils for my belly sites, and Quick sets for other sites like thighs and arms, and flanks. I have the Mios but reserve them for my emergency bag when I am out if the house, and for traveling so I don’t have to take the serter everywhere I go.

I have two more boxes of the Mios and have decided to return to the Quicksets and I am going to try the Sils too. Have had some highs and bloody sets with the Mios. I will keep the two boxes just for traveling.

I use the Ping and tried all that they have, Inset 6,9 Inset 30 ,Orbit, Cleo 90 6,9and I like the Cleo 90s 6mm they come in 31.43 lenth .

I would keep tring to see what you feel comforable with.