Infusion site resistance

Hello everyone. I’m new to the group And having many issues I’m hoping someone may have gone through the same thing or have a solution. I have been writing on Diabetes Facebook groups, but so far no luck.

Here is my situation In a nutshell:

Type one diabetic for over 25 years. Been on an insulin pump for more than 17 years. Started the new tandem pump about a year ago and shortly after started having issues with my blood sugars rising and occlusion Alarms. We did a ton of troubleshooting (Trying new insulin, trying all different infusion sets, using parts of my body that had no scar tissue And then even getting A replacement pump) all did not solve my problem. After multiple months of high blood sugars and so many occlusion alarms I went back to the Medtronic. I started the Medtronic 780 G in November 2023. All started off well and then started getting occlusion alarms again. ended up doing a ton of troubleshooting with Medtronic as well, and even another replacement pump, all which have not solved my problem.

I have come to the conclusion that it is likely an issue where I am getting inflammation at the end of the infusion site. My body seems to be rejecting all infusion sets. I have tried them all including the metal ones. Has anyone else’s body just started rejecting infusion sets?

I have been told to pick up some Flonase and use it on the site before injecting as it has a steroid in it and that may help. Someone has also suggested taking over the counter antihistamines. I am just curious if anyone else has gone through the situation if you ever came up with a solution.

Today I decided to take off my pump and I’ve gone back to injections, which I really don’t want to do. thanks so much for your time and listening and hoping to have A good conversation about this.

What kind of insulin are you using?

I am now on Novorapid. Was on Humalog before.

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I don’t know if this is related, but I had a problem with Humalog on a pump.

When I switched to Novolog, it was much better.
(Novolog and Novorapid are the same thing, just depends on what country you are in.)

If you are still having problems with Novolog/Novorapid, then I guess you are having a different issue.

Yes unfortunately, same issue with both types of insulin :pensive:

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I have been on a pump for 32 years and I have the same issues since the beginning of January. It’s been a terrible month, but after A LOT of trial and error, the clinician asked me if I was priming my cartridge. It was a simple thing, but I followed her instruction and it worked. Getting air bubbles out made all the difference!

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