Recertified Minimed pumps

My son has had diabetes going on 5 years now. We have been pumping for 4 of those years. Had the Deltec Cozmo (and LOVED IT!) until September when we took advantage of the Medtronic trade in deal. Since switching to Medtronic we have had nothing but problems. Unexplained high blood sugars and ketones. We have tried 3 different types of infusion sets, most recently the Sure T's so we could eliminate the possibility of canula issues. We even got a different pump, recertified again, from Medtronic and had the same issues. Anyone else who took advantage of this offer having problems with recertified pump? His A1C has went from 6.9 to 7.9% since being on the Medtronic. He has missed LOTS of class/school b/c of the blood sugars and ketones. Went off the pump earlier this month and back to MDI (Lantus and Novolog) and blood sugars have been BEAUTIFUL! We have trouble shooted EVERYTHING! Endo and NP's are baffled, and so is Medtronic. HELP! Want to return to pumping but don't trust the Medtronic pump.


hi i just had the same problems- i dont know if you saw my discussion on TU. i’m on my 3rd pump since Nov 2009. i had the same unexplained highs that made me really sick- unable to work etc. didnt have any alarms etc to give me a direction to head.

i tried every type of infusion set etc. i’d put 3 new ones in a row and none of them would work- some would last 1-24 hours long at the most. i took a couple days break between each pump and when i started each new/refurbished one i didnt have any problems for a couple weeks. i’m wondering if the break between the pumps helped my body accept the canulas???

my endocrinologists and pump trainers seem to be baffled also. my endo told me to try switching my infusion sets every 2 days and so far so good. also i switched from humalog to novolog- so far so good but i’m still in testing phase… we’ll see. ( i heard that humalog tends to crystalize in the tubing)
let me know if you figure anything out and i’ll keep you posted!

He is on Novolog and has been ever since we’ve been diagnosed. I spoke to company today and they are going to send us yet another recertified pump-UGH! My son doesn’t want to try another pump again b/c he is feeling GREAT on shots and is FINALLY getting caught up in the classroom. Is yours recertified pump? Please keep me posted. I will do the same as well.


Have you returned the pump(s) and requested they be tested and reported to the FDA? You should also file a report of a DMD failure with the FDA and be sure to reference the pump’s serial number in the report and indicate you requested Medtronics test the pump and report the findings.

MM pumps, like others, are manf. and tested to very high standards. Far higher than most people would guess so a failure of multiple pumps in a row is so very unlikely that the root cause needs to be uncovered.

Just a thought…are you sure that you are transcribing all of the numbers in all of the right places in the new pump… Like all basal rates at the right times, carb ratios, BG Targets, insulin sensitivity… any missing or inaccurate info would make a huge difference in insulin delivery. It is overwhelming everytime you have to transfer all of the numbers to a new pump. Maybe your son is growing and needs some changes, although if your son feels good on the shots, it doesn’t seem like that would be the issue. Just thought I would throw that out there…Keep us posted . Nancy

Another idea, have you thought of trying the aftermarket cartridge and try other vendors infusion sets with a Luer Lock connector… Heck you could get the cleo 90s to work on it if you want… Im wondering if your missing something in the pump settings though…

I re-read your post and now understand that he was using a different pump with good results before the MM. Sorry for missing that.

Knowing that I really have to believe that you have an issue with the pump’s settings and/or your dosing in general. There is nothing different between two pump brands that could explain your issues.

I would call Medtronics and get them to send out a CDE for a 1:1 session ASAP. Tell them you can’t get the pump to work right and you need one on one help and I am sure they will be glad to provide it. Or, if you are registered on their Web site it shows your CDE’s contact information right there so you can just call her/him and get something going.

Let us know how it works out.

The pump trainer came out and initially set up our pump for us with the very first pump. I copied EVERYTHING down and put in the new pump so unless she did it wrong. Like I said we have been pumping for 4 years. I am an RN and was a diabetes educator (went in to diabetes overload between work and my son). Thanks for all the tips and suggestions.

I found out through someones posting that Animas has a cartridge for the medtronic that will work with their infusion sets which is what we were using, infusion set wise, before switching. My son is doing great on shots and is very weary of trying the pump again since he has been feeling so much better since off pump. Since this was affecting his grades and only a few weeks left of school we have opted to stay on shots and try the whole pump thing again in the summer. Your suggestion is another avenue I have thought about trying. Thanks.

I have a Cozmo and was debating whether to go for this deal, but now I don’t know. I’ve heard such mixed things about Minimed. I may just wait until my warranty expires and go for an Animas …

dear Jules, Mom and Nurse …your story is sooo frustrating for a Mom and your Son !!
How often are finger pokes performed ? …are there air bubbles in tubing ? ( one inch of air is the equivalent to one unit of insulin ) …how often for the infusion set change ?..did I read every second day ??
I am a MM pumper since 2001; upgraded when possible …likely a recertified one amongst my pumps !! …have had no horror stories like yours …I use NovoRapid as well .

I just started using the micro orbit infusion set. And I love it. I use a minmini paradigm pump, and I was having a lot of problems with the infusion sets also. Believe me I have tried a lot of them. The micro uses a luer lock so it takes a special reservior. There are a few things that I am not real fond of but the working of the set is worth what I do not like. I have talked with the designer of the orbit and they are working on some improvements. Said it would be about 3 months befoer they are available. Give them a call and ask for a trial.