Infusion Sites on Pump

I was just reading a post about a pumper taking a pump vacation due to poor absorption, scar tissue from pump. So, those who have been pumping along time, is this an issue? Does your absorption rate decrease the longer you're pumping? Do you have a lot of scar tissue, infections, bad site areas? thanks!

Four years - I don't know if that is a long time. No problems. I have had reduced absorption (or thought perhaps I did) and just changed sites for a while. No scar tissue. No infections. No bad site areas. I switched to metal sets so that eliminated the problems I had with bent canulas and if there is a sensitive spot I just move it and tape it done. No muss, no fuss, no waste. For me and I dare say many of us, pumping works.

I have been pumping since 1990 and no issues. Rotation is key. If a site has any discomfort, I change it pdq. Those times are rare as are kinked or bent canulas. No scar tissue, no areas that can't take a site, no infections. I have not found absorption rate decrease and in fact keep needing less insulin as I grow up.

The number of posts I've seen lately from people talking about "scar tissue" is really starting to make me wonder what "scar tissue" actually is.

How do you recognize it? How do you know that, whatever it may be, that it is what is responsible for site problems and not that you simply "hit a bad spot"?

I've been using a pump since the fall (I think) of 1996 and I don't think I have developed any scarring. If I do have it, none of the doctors I've seen has never said anything to me about it. (How easy is it for a doctor or nurse to recognize "scar tissue" during a physical exam?)

Of course, on some occasions ... I never counted how often it happens ... I have had a site that either didn't work from the start or which I just (more) quickly gave up on because it didn't seem to be working well. But that's pretty rare in my experience. It's rare enough that I tend to completely ignore warnings, such as the one in this Q&A, which says, "Never change your site at bedtime as you won’t be awake later to check that insulin is being delivered.".

In case anyone is curious I have been using the Medtronic Quickset with 6mm cannula since ... a while. Since 2008 maybe/at least?

T1 LADA since ~1978; first pump Minimed 507 ~1996
presently: Medtronic Paradigm 723 (04/2013) + CGM (11/2014)

I was pretty happy with my rotation schedule until a few months ago, when a few of my hard to reach areas (buttocks and rear love handles), just stopped working altogether. I gave those four areas about a month off and then tried again. It seems to have worked, although I am making a more conscious effort to vary the locations in those hard to reach areas a bit more, plus I am typically using them for 2 days instead of 3 for my other areas.

Sarah, I have been pumping since 1999. Scarring has never really been an issue (until the above), and neither have infections or bad sites. Bad sites do happen from time to time, but when I was on MDI, I had many more issues with absorption and leakage.

For me, I find the pump so much better that I don't really understand the "vacation" concept. It would be more like an MDI "curse" to me.

thanks everyone! that gives me more comfort about pump. :)

Been pumping since 2000 with no issues. I stick to my site rotation and, so far, all is good.

I've been pumping for 12 years, and I only have a small area so far that is like that. But I don't use the CGM yet, and I imagine that can be an issue because you use up your "real estate" faster. I just make sure to rotate in the same direction, allowing a 1-inch space between my old and new site. I'm able to go 4 days with one set. That usually gives each area at least 6 weeks to recover.