Injection site infections

We are on our very last day of family vacation and I have been bolusing my daughter more today than in the past. I thought maybe it was because she’s been stuck in the car for 9 and 10 hours the past couple of days. We checked her infusion set and it was red. We took the pod off and puss began to come out of the site. She has a lump and it is sore to the touch. Does anybody have any experience with this. We will be getting home tomorrow in the evening. Can this wait till then? Cheers.

It’s a judgement call. I’ve never had an infection from a pump, but I think they sound pretty scary. I’ve pasted a couple of relevant posts below. These may help you decide if you should act now or wait it out a bit.

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If there is puss, I would not wait. If I were traveling I would find an urgent care and drop in. Get it cleaned up and move forward. However after treatment watch it closely. If it is not clearing or if it gets worse, get to your doctor immediately. I have had tow of them and had to have surgery both times to repair them plus treatment at wound care centers. It can be an ugly business, I hope it has been caught in time.


Ditto. I’m recovering from a pump (OmniPod) infection; it’s just over a month. I’ve been to the doctors four times; it was opened up and drained twice and I was on two antibiotics over the first ten days or so. The antibiotics overlapped by a few days. It feels a lot better, but still looks awful because it was cut open a few times.

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I dunno. I guess that if I could drain it, I would wait. But, sometimes infections really explode within 24 hours. Take that with a grain of salt. Gotta keep an eye on it.

I have been putting off my response since returnining home. We ended up driving the 5 and a half hours through the night and went to the hospital the following morning. My daughter did have an infection and the doctor felt a bump beneath her skin. After an ultrasound, the doctor concluded that the bump was caused by inflammation. It was only a surface infection. She has been on antibiotics the past 10 days and the infection is gone. We have to avoid the site for about 4 weeks. All is well. What a tough drive. Thank you everyone for your input.

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Glad to hear she is doing well. I’ll keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way!