Injection sites

Has anyone noticed a difference in how the insulin is absorbed depending on injection site?
Do you all vary sites?
V does arm, stomach, thigh; left one day, right the next… Is this standard? I understand you have to be careful not to build up scar tissue (or whatever it’s called).
He has a hard time injecting in the upper arm and is wondering if he should change…
An easy question for a Sunday morning…

my insulin absorbtion varies from location to location. my ab absorbs the fastest then thighs and butt, then arms. I vary my pump sites but was taught to use the same body part for a while rotating within it then moving to another location in a week when I was on mdi. i still do that with the pump. i use my tummy for a week(basically 2 site changes) then move to my love handles or rump.

I agree with Krystal.
Absorption should be fastest in a limb that is being used walking, chopping wood, etc. if doing those things after injection due to the higher blood supply during exercise. Abdomen is least varying in speed of absorption.
Upper arm muscle might make it difficult to inject. Find a fat place, back of the muscle if using upper arm.

just rotate on my abdomen. lots of fat there. lol

Thanks, everyone. I didn’t know about the different absorption rates… That helps a lot. And it will be much easier if he can inject in places he can see (unlike the back of his arm). This may explain some of the unexplained highs and lows, too…
It appears as if diabetes is one instance where one can not have too much information ;-))

I notice a big difference. I had switched injecting Lantus from my stomach to my leg and tended to trend higher than when I used the same basal and same exercise and food habits… so ended up switching back to my stomach with much better numbers the past week…though of course could all be coincidence…
I do think though w/ MDI and extended release insulins the site of injection is more critical since one relies more on how steadily it is absorbed over a longer time frame.