Inpen (Insulin Pen) by Companion Medical

Hi Everybody,
When I was prescribed my Dexcom G6 my endocrinologist also prescribed me the Inpen by Companion Medical (one week after I got it Medtronic announced they had acquired Companion Medical). Has anybody had any experience with this? I really LOVE IT.

The pen works with all kinds of fast-acting insulins. I use Novolog. The Inpen has Bluetooth technology that communicates the dosage and time of injections back to your smartphone where the Inpen app calculates the amount of insulin, its dwell time in your body, and the effects it has against the carbohydrates you consume (this is a manual entry you calculate using the app calculator that determines the amount of insulin dose required for your meal or correction bolus).

I would love to hear your feedback and input on this device. I absolutely LOVE mine and would never go without it. The app shares information with the Dexcom app, too. Very nice!


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I’ve been using for about 8 months and I like it. Only drawback is it doesn’t do tenths of unit.

I was told that FDA is about to approve real-time glucose readings with the pen software. This will be a major step forward.


WOW that’s great. It’s getting more like a pump. That is what is so good about the InPen, the freedom of calculation.