Finally...! was able to insert my first sensor

So, after much thought bout whether or not to use my CGM, i finally gave it a try… the needle was really intimidating and by the way, I did not use the sen-serter, i thought that its gonna hurt when I use it, so anyways, i manually insert it making it sure that im in the right angle… it didnt really hurt, was surprising for me… since i didnt have the training for this, i just figured how does it work and so far its good. I just called the 24 hour helpline coz i thought the transmitter wasnt workin and she explained that it usually takes bout 2 hours before it"ll start workin…

How did you insert that thing without the sen-serter, omg??!!

Now it is a piece of cake for me to do the insertion of the sensor, but the first few times for me I was a basket case.

Good luck to you!!

well i just have it inserted like youre giving yourself a shot, though in a 45 degree angle, ive read that you should have 45 degree insertion or youll bleed… im glad i didnt, thats what really scares me too…

it really didnt hurt, i think it just takes time to fully insert it without the serter coz of the plastic sheath that goes in with the introducer needle and i was hesitant too to push it in, in a snap.

im so glad i got over it… now im nervous again thinkin bout the next sensor replacement…but i think it will be alright…

I totally understand the “nervous again” statement. About the 4th or 5th time you will be good to go, but oooo man use the sen-serter.

Try it you will like it. :wink:

i dunno Karen i just dont have the courage to push that button, maybe in time, but for now, im glad i have tried,

anyways, does your insurance covers the sensor…? well, mine i think i still have to ask…

I had a very long drawn out appeals process, which I think meant they threw it in a big pile, which was labeled, let’s see if she keeps trying. Well I did and yes my insurance finally paid. :slight_smile:

Yep that button is loud, sounds like a shot gun.

well thats good that you fought for it…some insurance company just dont understand the importance of this device, i hope they will realize that this can save them money too, coz with this we can have a better control on our BG and that we can avoid complications and with that, they dont have to pay their part for the medical bills.

does yours pay how much percentage of the amount…?

Whole amount after I met my deductible.

thats good…mine i have a thousand dollars deductible, still a big amount…

wowsa, $800.00 for me

Marvin, I am pleased to hear that you are having success with your CGM. I get no coverage because my endo will not approve of my using one since have good control with my pump. It is good to hear someone saying the CGM is good. I have heard many bad things about CGM’s. Maybe that will change soon. Good luck!


yeah i think im doin good with this, one thing i noticed is that you just have to test yourself and put it in to update your sensor, sort of calibrating it, and youll get accurate results…

Marvin, I didn’t know that you had gotten CGM as well. I am in the process of obtaining final approvals for mine with Minimed and am looking forward to getting started. Good luck!

yeah i have them when i got my pump at the same time…i didnt know bout it til the rep from minimed told me that theyll gonna ship me the CGM as well, so was happy…i should have been using it two weeks after starting on pump but then the trainer is just hard to set an appointment with, so i called minimed to ask for another trainer but nothing happens…so i finally did it myself, was scary, ill tell you, i was sweating and too scared to push the senserter;s button, but i just couldnt do it, so what i did was insert it manually…it didnt hurt at all…

I hope youll get yours soon… i like it especially when youre eating out or goin on a trip, in that way you really dont have to prick your fingers, but still, youll gonna do fingerstick when the CGM ask for BG reading for calibration…

Good Luck Shawn.!

Deductables of ONLY $800 or $1,000!

Our insurance has a $4,000 deductable and pays very little until that is met. BTW that $4,000 deductable is IN SYSTEM and seperate from another deductable if you go outside the system, like out of town and it ain’t no little $4,000, it’s like $7,000 on top of the $4,000. Our insurance pays almost nothing toward insulin or any suplies, not even cheapo test strips…


A couple notes since I’ve recently been through Minimed’s “training” on how to use the sensor with the pump.

The sen-serter seems to work best with an almost vertical insertion 70-90 degrees for example. The closer to vertical, the better. I find that the trigger part required a lot more force than I was used to with my other injectors, and yes that needle looks HUGE.

Be sure you’re only calibrating your sensor about 3 times per day and only when your blood sugar is stable. Calibrating more often than that will cause calibration errors and bad sensor alarms. Blood testing is still recommended even with the sensor - this may change for me later when I’ve adjusted to how it’s measuring. For now, I will continue to test 5-6 times per day. When the levels are rapidly changing, the sensor can lag behind and not give accurate results.

Sensor life can be extended for up to 5 or 6 days without causing any harm. Simply stop the sensor by turning off the feature in the pump, then turn it back on as a new sensor.

I’ve only had my sensor for about 3 weeks, so I’m very new to this. I’ve had an insulin pump since 1986, but this is my first one with a sensor.

One other note that may be relevant for other users that already have their sensor - Turn off the radio link between your meter and your pump. That will prevent it from trying to automatically calibrate every time you check your blood. Minimed has also partnered with LifeScan to produce a new meter that uses the one touch strips that are more commonly covered by insurance plans.

well, my insurance don’t cover the strips unless i met the deductible which is a thousand dollars… i just pay for it and i get it from edgepark, they gave me this contracted rate for the strips, which is a big savings for me…