Insulet career

Ever since my d day I've had a strong desire to work for a company centered around diabetes. Novo Nordisk and Insulet are the two I'd really like to get on with. I'd love to be a rep for Insulet but I never see any postings on their website and it seems like any openings the have are all in the Boston area. Does anyone have an idea what the best way to contact them would be (besides whats listed on their website)? Or do any of you know someone who works for Insulet or Novo? Any advice or feedback is definitely appreciated.

Two of my close friends are reps for NovoNordisk. Talk about a cush job - they push insulin to the same handful of docs every week (w/in a 60-mile radius of home, too); they get these “bonus” trips to Caribbean islands or Mexico get-aways if their districts sell enough, they get cars, gas paid for, cell phone paid for, internet paid for, have more holidays off than most, and it seems like every year they get to go on some big Scandinavian cruise for company “morale”.

Seems that there’s money somewhere there that could be cut in favor of decreasing the cost of life-saving insulin.

Oh, and they get paid ridiculous amounts of money to do all of the above. It’s a nice life if you can get it. Might have to move to some backwoods town, though.

You’re post is making me laugh because I’ve thought the same thing. I know our rep (who has a great sense of humor) said she “stalked” the company until they hired her because she was in love with the product.

The last lady I talked to at insulet about our changing insurance coverage had diabetesand was on omnipod. It made her a very sympathetic representative for their company!!!

I hear every one talking about “their rep” in the area but I never actually spoke to a rep when I got started. My doc wanted me to go to the local Joslin Diabetes Center for the required training, which was fine I really like the people that work there, but I would also like to have a contact with someone internal with the company. How to you find out who is the rep in the area? Call the customer service line?

Customer service is as good a place to start as any. Good luck!

I get the feeling that most, if not all, of the customer service reps are diabetic themselves.