Hello, Billing Department? Hello? (Click)

Does anyone else wish that Insulet's Billing Department was more...I don't know...competent?

I'm not perfect. Sometimes I don't pay a bill till I get the actual bill in the mail, or by email. That's life, it happens.

I have been on the Omnipod for about 18 months, and in that 18 months, they have only successfully sent me ONE bill. And just today I learned that I allegedly owe for a shipment from last November. The only reason I learned this was because I called in about my most recent shipment to ask a billing question; not because they sent me a bill for said shipment. (Incidentally, they are wrong about me owing from last November, but that's another issue altogether).

This seems to me, a most inefficient way to do business, and as the consumer in this scenario, it's both frustrating and a little scary to me that they operate in such a careless manner. I am also a little wigged out that they can cash a check for nearly $800 without crediting it to my account.

As with most of the posts on this page, I am venting primarily. Though if any other users have any tips on how they got their billing issues resolved, i'm all ears.


yes…I have had the same problem in the past! And I would like to take a couple hours of Insulets billng dept’s time to give them some advice (basic stuff, like keeping track of payments, sending receipts promptly, etc) I have had to call several times in the past as my bill got WAY out of line, I think because I have called to complain so often, they now have a “Steve D” file for all my prior problems, but thats ok with me as long as they keep it straignt. Just remember Sarah…be a squeeky wheel!

I have a HUGE problem with both Insulet and my insurance company. Way back when (13 months ago) I was told by both my insurance co. AND insulet that I’m covered 100%. Received a letter from my insurance co. that I owe 50% even though it’s in writing and I have names and taped phone calls to prove they said covered 100%. I sent a letter of appeal to my insurance co which is still pending but Insulet will not send me any more supplies until this whole thing is settled so I may have to go back on that pen which at one time I loved and now despise. Here’s the kicker… my insurance co. has NEVER paid a dime to Insulet and 13 months later it’s all surfacing. I’m truly not happy.

I got a bill this month (September) for a shipment this last January (9 months ago). I’d like to be able to tell them that, if they can wait 9 months to bill me, they should have to wait 9 months for the money. (Of course, I won’t, but ugh!)

I called and asked how soon I could find out what I owe for a shipment I received THIS week. The rep started talking about 15 days to process this and 30 more to process that, etc. I asked why it wasn’t more in line with other DME distributors with whom I deal and I pretty much got the “I don’t know, ma’am, it’s your insurance company” pass-the-buck kind of answer. They drive me crazy. I can’t even tell you what I pay for a shipment because I can’t ever get a consistent amount billed.

I, too, just got billed for a January shipment. I apparently asked the same questions as you; and I received the same answer that it was an insurance processing issue. I was confused as to why I was billed for a July shipment before being billed for the January shipment.

yup… I am going through a billing issue right now… $600? That is more than my original set-up. I am seriously considering going back to the shots, after 10 years on the pump. I am tired of the headache of dealing with getting my supplies and potentially having surprise bills that I can’t afford.

Just received a $650 bill today!

Maybe I’m unique. I have never had an issue with Isulet.

I’m glad for you and I hope you NEVER do have an issue with insulet because it’s a real pain in the butt when you’re told after 13 months of not paying that you owe 50% of the charges.

Same here. I’ve paid for the shipment I received in June. Or I thought that’s what I was paying for. At this point, who knows?

So half of my bill got waived, which is a huge relief. A few pointers I have (which may be redundant for some) is 1) tell your local rep and 2) write down every interaction with the company. I did this with health insurance a number of years ago at the advice of a friend, it really helped make progress when you have to call repeatedly. What I do is write down the time, date, and name of the person I am talking to. I jot down what the conversation was about, so when I call again I can reference this, and know what I have already discussed and when. It really helps me to not get flustered (which I easily do) and keep me focused on the topic. You can put bill stubs and everything in it so that it is a really easy way to flip through your records with whomever you are dealing with.

I have everything written down and I’m still waiting for my insurance company to get back to me after a letter of appeal. Insulet also sent them a letter of appeal and everything is pending. I’ll need another shipment soon so I have to let Insulet know soon if I still want their product either way. I try not to think about it all the time but I’m starting to dream that I’m using shots again. This is so awful.