Useless company

So after all this frustration of trying to get the new PDM, evidently insulet takes complaints by blacklisting your name , and refusing to speak to you.

ZERO calls back, ZERO emails back, and now when my number pops up they go into the "you already have all the info goodbye" and hang up mode.


Ugh. That sucks. So sorry you're going through that. :(

I understand they are trying to SELL new PDM's, but the fact that I'll be on the hook for $1000 when I have 4 boxes of the new pods on hand....words cant explain the feeling

Could it be that you have called numerous times about the same issue and there's no additional information to give?

submit a complaint to the better business bureau! that’ll perk them up. I just did this with a company that sold me bad test strips online, after sending me the wrong type f strips twice. to hell with crappy customer service

Done and done....doubt anything will happen before my precious warranty is up and they stick me with $1000 to get the PDM. Bet you on 6/17/2013 they are magically available...

That's ■■■■■■■■. I've been getting the run around about when the new pods will get shipped to me. Its actually causing me to start looking at another insulin pump but its for more than one reason besides their customer service being a pain in the butt. I'm looking at an micro dosing pump.

This company is giving existing customers a big F U.

Does anyone have media connections? My local news seemed interested, but it's a pretty complex issue for a 2 minute spot, and not big enough for an extensive investigation. Anyone live in Insulet's backyard where a news story may be of more interest to the community?

I have 4 brand new shiny boxes of pods that according to another thread may or may not love to know for myself with a freaking PDM!

Yeah..doesn't do me much good being way down here in Texas... I would say I "wish" I lived by insulet..but then again..NOPE..Texas is way better :)

If you bugged me like you bug them, I'd ignore you too. Think about it...

Oh stop it. You don't deserve more than anyone else. Just be thankful you have the ability to control your diabetes. And don't forget, what goes around comes around. So you might sit back and look at why you think you're getting treated so badly.

Sorry if $1000 isn't a big deal to you..I know its not just me they are screwing

Why are you getting info from here like that? You should have been more nice to your Insulet rep, and they may have answered all your questions.

I have only had one bad experience with them with my meter, (insulinx had a bad meter they sent me batteries, told me to try that first. I knew it was not a battery issue so when to the pharmacist they gave me a new one. never heard back from the company to see if the batteries worked or not, I emailed them to when the meter will work with the mountain lion mac told me they have nothing to do with that that it is apple. it now works, I start on the pod (first pump) shortly after June 27th I have been soooo excited but all these complaints kinda scares me. are any of you in Canada. Would you know if I would be getting the old Pdm and pods or the new one? also do you know if it would work with a Mac, anyone out thee with a Mac computer?

I am really sorry you guys are having such a bad experience with insulit, they should have better PR people for sure, could be they are getting so many calls about the new pods that they have told them all to just not answer that question maybe?

hope it works out for all of you and soon to be me.

oh one more question, I was told I have to use my credit card and hearing that everyone gets a 3 month supply so do they take 900 of the card every 3 months then ship it to you?

I know things are "different" up in canada :) j/k....

It just irritates me that they promise promise promise and dont deliver on anything, including the promise to call back within 24 I am a week call

If they would at least give me a date on when to expect the PDM, I could plan to get the money needed to get my new one...even though it shouldn't be my responsibility. They HAVE pdm's in stock ..send me one

Try your omnipod rep through your endos office. I found that mine was the most helpful and sort of had to make time for me because they were more directly responsible.

The 2 local reps are just as useless in my case

Some of us don't have reps so we have to call Insulet.

My warranty is up and I still can not get the new system yet. I understand your frustration but there is really nothing they can do until the company releases the new system to existing customers.