Insulin at Costco

I switched my prescription to Costco. I can get a full 90 day supply without waiting on mail order. I also save a bit over $100 a month on my insulin. Last week, I took five bottles instead of the full order. It would have been $800+ without my insurance. Amazing! For something that we have to have in order to stay alive. That is crazy!

Ohhhhhhhh, good info on Costco. Thanks for sharing and glad you saved a ton of money. :)

Anytime. We seem to get skewered on prices with this disease.

To add to the equation of insulin pricing, in 3rd world countries it costs way less around $20 / bottle! Not sure how is that possible while here they charge crazy amounts for insurances. I wonder if it is just numbers on papers and not the real cost?

Yes Costco is the cheapest for insulin. I was paying almost $100 bottle paying the deductable for Apidra or Humulin insulins at what I thought was the cheapest chain pharmacy CVS, WITH my insurance. I switched insurance plans and started paying $50 for a 30 day prescription of one or two bottles still at CVS. Switched to Costco and my cost dropped to ZERO for two bottles/month with same insurance!

You might want to read the recent Time Magazine article on health care costs; very revealing. It explains quite well why we, in the USA, are paying such a premium for a similar level of service as elswhere