Insulin changes

Hey everybody, I got the study drug last week again and my insulin needs went down big time. I’m now doing 4 units lantus and my carb ratio is 1:40. It’s crazy! I don’t think it’s just the drug though. I think it’s because I made some dietary changes, I kept the AMOUNT of carbs the exact same about 100-140g, but I changed the TYPE of carbs. I took out the complex carbohydrates that are difficult to digest like grains and dairy. I feel a lot better since making the dietary changes such as less sugar spikes, less constant hunger, increased satiety, less bloating, burping and gas, and I’ve lost a few pounds.

This morning I had a nectarine (about 15g) without any insulin, it was amazing. Before I ate I was 81 and 2 hours after I was 86! My doctor recommended all the insulin changes and I must say, one should always consult with a doctor about making dietary and insulin changes.

I thought I was already honeymooning on a about 9-10 units lantus but now only 4?? I was diagnosed 8 months ago. I thought the honeymoon started way closer to diagnosis. I’m just really happy, I hope my beta cells are doing okay. It’s been about 6 months since I started the abatacept study.

sounds interesting. why do you take such a low amount of lantus? are you taking humalog? thanx Domo!

Well I think it’s mainly just the honeymoon phase and tight control. Yea I take usually 1 unit humalog for a meal.