Lantus leads to Humalog sensitivity?

Hi folks! Last time I was in Minnesota, I saw my doc. She’s wonderful to work with, it was well worth the plane ticket. Plus, I got to see my family.
We upped my nighttime Lantus dose by 4 units, and miraculously (in my eyes, anyway) my Humalog dosage has dropped drastically. What do you all think, is this more or less dangerous? I feel like it’s actually closer to striking a balance between my carb intake and my Humalog dosage, but then again, I’m eating a bit fewer carbs.
Now, when I say I’m eating fewer carbs, let me qualify that statement. I am currently working at a pizza shop. At first, I was bringing home pizza every night, and I’ve started bringing home more salads. I’ve cut down on doughnuts, cookies, etc. These are all things that are hard for me to estimate their carb serving value, and before I’d have to take 12-16 units after each meal. Now my dosage is down to 4-8 units per meal, and usually 2-4 for snacks.
With the recent news about Lantus, I’m a little fearful. Also, I’ve had diabetes for 26 years now, and I’m concerned about insulin resistance. However, since that dosage went up 4 units, my other insulin dosage has dropped. Is that an overall good thing?
My exercise habits are horrendous. I’m wondering if I start exercising regularly, do you think my Lantus dosage will come down drastically as well?
I’m really sorry this rambled on so, it’s about 1 a.m. and my husband is reading aloud next to me in an effort to better understand his reading material. I know I’ve repeated myself, but I’m too tired to edit. :smiley: Thanks so much, everyone! Man, I’ve missed you all.

I think that this sounds normal. If your doctor decided that you needed more basal insulin, it is possible that before you were “covering” some of your basal with boluses. That would mean the reducing the Humalog makes sense.

I don’t think that this is anything to worry about.

Whenever you make a change, it’s good to test more often to make sure that all is good. If your blood sugars are good, then GREAT!

Kristin’s answer was going to be mine, so I’m just going to expand a tiny bit. I just started a new medicine a few weeks ago and fellow member Scott suggested that I fast for a whole day to see if my BG jumps around without food and sugar intake. That way you can see if your Lantus basal is the right dosage without having to worry about afrementioned “covering” with your Humalog boluses.

Otherwise, it sounds normal.