Insulin Dep ....bright red and on the front of your drivers license!

I happened to pull out my Fla drivers license the other day and noted the Insulin Dep in bright red on the front of my license. I remember a few years back when they started putting it on the licenses and it kinda bothered me back then. I know why they do it….low, in an accident, driving erratically, save my life….all that kinda stuff. But I really am not all that thrilled handing it to some clerk somewhere and having them see it.

I dont try to hide my D, but I don’t go around telling people I don’t know about it either. I wonder how if you had cancer, or a brain tumor, or HIV and had it listed on your license…how would people feel?

I guess it is what it is, but it still kinda irks me……Oh well,control what you can and understand what you cant control….and no worries….

Keep going……Wishing you “well” Bob

I actually had a minor accident because of my hypoglycemia. During that time I was having bouts with a lot of lows and was experiencing some hypoglycemic unawareness. I hit a small reflector post when I was trying to pull over. Meanwhile a police officer had witnessed what had happened and proceeded to do his duty as a police officer. Unfortunately because I had caused some property damage, the state of Illinois felt it was necessary to cancel my driving license. In the mean time I proceeded to seek some better treatment options. I am now on the pump and soon to be going on a CGM. I don’t want to hurt anybody and I realize that the state wants to protect its citizens; But I feel I would have been better off getting a DUI. At least I could have gone to court and retained my driving privileges (with a good attourney of course).

I’ve never heard of them writing it on the driver’s license (I’m from Michigan). I wrote it with pen on the back of my driver license-- basically as another form of medical ID.

Kevin, I’m sorry to hear about your experiences. I think you’re right that we put more trust in less responsible people who drive under the influence of alcohol! Hope that the CGMS works well for you!

I’m in Texas and have never heard of them putting that on your driver’s license. It’s disturbing, I think.

We walk a fine line between information gathering that is useful and protects us in some way and information gathering that is an infringement on our privacy. Kind of like the new RFID tags in passports. Does my government really need to track me when I travel or mark me as a diabetic? I’m not sure the hypothetical benefits of the information are worth the way I might be treated by a police officer every time I’m stopped or the judgment of a server or checker if you were to buy alcohol!

And Kevin, that is really unfair! I’m sorry.

I think that the having the information on the license is useful but … I don’t think a bright red “Look over here. I’m diabetic” sticker is the way to do it. In NJ we have new drivers license standards. The license includes a magnetic strip for encoding information. I presume that the medically important information could be put there. Law enforcement could scan that information for their use while the driver could still use their ID in normal day to day living.

My first couple of driver’s licenses had a “restriction” on them. They did not say “diabetic” but said “food/drink must be within reach of the driver.” I lived in Texas for a few years and they did not even ask me about anything. I filled out the little form and there’s a question about if you’ve ever lost consciuosness. I answered “yes” and they didn’t even ask about it. Although, the form said that if you check “yes” you would have to provide a dr statement that you are okay to drive. hmmm…? Anyway, my TX DL didn’t say anything on it. Now that I’ve moved back to my home state (OK), I’ve gotten a new DL and it is no longer indicated on my DL. Since my first DL, which was a little laminated card, to now, they are more high tech with a magnetic strip that stores info… so maybe it’s within the strip and can be pulled up… I don’t know. I didn’t have to answer a question about that on my application.

I prefer that it’s not on my DL. I agree… yes, the police or emergency people should be able to find that info easily and on a DL would be good. But, I don’t want the clerk at the store or the person at the club to know if they don’t need to.

Nothing on my Washington Driver’s License indicating diabetes…don’t ask, don’t tell I guess:)

Bob, I am not sure about FL but in TX you can carry a drivers license as well as a state issued ID card If youy request it. If FL offers that you could show your ID to anyone you don’t want to know you are Insulin depentant diabetic. Check with your local DL office and check it out.

I have an update. I went to renew my license last week (state of Texas) and had some questions about how I should answer the following questions:

Do you have diabetes requiring insulin? YES!!
Do you have a medical condition that could impair your ability to communicate with a peace officer? YES???
Do you have a medical condition that could impair your ability to operate a vehicle? YES???

I got to the front of the line and asked the clerk my questions. She did not seem pleased that I checked YES for three of the answers.

HER: Is your diabetes under control?
ME: [thinking what does that even mean?] Yes, I suppose so.
HER: Will you initial here that it’s under control?
ME: Okay. [writing “under control” next to my initials]
HER: [crossing out my YES to “Do you have diabetes?” and checking NO to all three questions] Okay, then.
ME: Wait, so I’m not a diabetic now? It won’t be on my license?
HER: [pause] Did you WANT it to be on your license?
ME: [pause] Not particularly.
HER: Okay, then.

I walked into the DMV a type 1 diabetic. I left cured.

Thats hilarious…I’m gonna have to go to Texas and get cured…lol

Ha! The same exact thing happened to me in Colorado about 10 years ago. The question was less specific, something along the lines of “do you have any medical conditions that may impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle” with a line to write in an explanation. Being the honest guy that I am, I checked yes and wrote in Type 1 diabetes. The clerk asked me if I was sure I wanted DMV to have that information. I responded no. Out came the bottle of White-Out. Classic.

I’m not diabetic myself, but have a daughter Insulin Dependent, recently diagnosed. I’m also an EMT. Due to both, I am in favor of that being on the drivers license. Yes, we’re taught to test blood sugar, but that would help with a quicker diagnosis of what the problem is. I also think that Heart problems, and other medical problems should be on there.

I work in a sporting goods store & we have a customer that comes in & he’s written that on the back of his license. I didn’t realize that he was, and I DON"T comment on it. But, I’m glad it’s on there. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for your comments Lisa… would you check for a medical ID bracelet or necklace first?

I generally wear an ID bracelet and I prefer to let EMTs know with that.