Insulin issues?

Is it possible to become resistant to a particular insulin over time? I know with some medications you have to either start taking more or switch to another brand after you have been taking it for a long time. I’m just wondering if insulin is the same way.

I’ve been on Humalog for over 10 years. I think I started on Humalog when I started on the pump. Now my sugar seems to be high all the time. I read somewhere that Apidra was a good one to use in a pump. I’m trying to get the doctor’s office on the phone to ask if they could give me a bottle to try. I have an appointment in about 3 weeks and we could talk about my results with it if I could just get my hands on a bottle.

There could be so many reasons why this is happening. The problem is trying to figure out what is the cause. It could be the insulin. It could be that all the sudden ALL my basal settings are wrong (doubt it…but hey you never know). Could be that after 40 years of D I’ve just built up scar tissue. My insulin to carb ratio might be wrong. The list just seems to go on and on. But if I eat anything even if it’s low carb my bg is in the 200’s for 3 or 4 hours. Or I start trying to make corrections and then it goes low. I’m tired of chasing this creature.

If your corrections are working (are they working? It sounds like they are bc you say you go low), could it be the IC ratios? Or have you already tried to change them?


I’ve had D for 39 years and have experienced similar issues. I have been on Pump therapysince '97 and from 2008-2009 it didn;t matter what I did, I was high glucose.

As it turned out, my Dr said I was a bit resistant to insulin but more than that I have developed scar tissue from my pump sites. I have been on the Pod since July 2009 and I have been trending much better.

Hope this helps,

Even when I do a correction it seems like it is always an hour or more before I start seeing a change and that just drives me crazy. Which also makes me thnk the basals are correct because I stay just as steady high as I do low. I just dont want to be in the 200’s for hours and hours. Am I just being too obsessed with the numbers? I dont think so but maybe I am. I would rather stay in the 100’s and only in the 200’s for a short time right after eating.

John, I’ve been a diabetic since I was 8. I’m now (cough cough) 48. So after 40 years of this I am sure I could have some scar tissue. But does that seem to affect you all at once? Or does it come on over time? This problem I seem to be having is all of the sudden. Although it seems to have lasted several weeks.

As for being insulin resistant I have always been very insulin sensative but not lately. Used to be that I used about 22-25 units per day but right now I seem to go through 30 or more per day. I know that probably doesnt sound like a big jump to some but it seems like a lot to me.

No I don’t think you are being too obsessed. And of course you understand your numbers better than anyone. We’ve been having an issue with Caleb going high on the second day of Pod use after using it for more than 3.5 years and never having this problem. I feel like I’ve gone through the checklist of possibilities of causes but am still stumped. He’ll get to high 100s or low 200s for no apparent reason and he won’t correct even when I double the correction. So I know in my gut something is not right. So I know you know the same. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.

It sounds like you typically see a correction work faster. Trying one change at a time, though a painfully slow approach, is perhaps the only way to figure it out. Do you have an area on your body that you don’t normally use for sites that you could give a try and see if there is a difference. If there isn’t, then you’ve eliminated the scar tissue possibility (which is my initial knee jerk reaction to your issue though I don’t know if you would see those corrections work if it were that).

I wish I could get by with 30 per day :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am about 3x that …

Mine came on all of a sudden ( or appeared to ) but I think it was gradual.

I would talk to my Dr and also try using sites that you haven’t used before as it would help you rule out the scar tissue problem.

Not sure what else is possible without medical advice.


This really sounds similar to Caleb and I’ve been trying to figure it out for over a month. I am inclined not to think scar tissue too bc it shouldn’t happen overnight, but maybe it didn’t and that’s what the increased insulin use represents?

My upper abdomen hasnt been used a lot. But I always wonder if I am getting too close to my ribs. For some reason I always think that will be a problem. I might have read that somewhere. I have used my legs since I was a kid so those are not a good place any more. I’ve been using my back for the last couple of months but my numbers are creeping up there also. I use my arms for my cgm so I try not to use my pods there as well. Maybe I should try the right while the cgm is in the left. I get about 3 weeks out of each sensor so I guess each arm has plenty of time off.

Lorraine I think it was your website that first gave me the idea of trying the Apidra. I then talked to my uncle who is also diabetic and he loves it. What are your thoughts on it now? I guess thats just if I am correct about seeing it on your site, lol.

Oh how funny! Yes I wrote about Apidra. In my search to figure out Caleb’s 2nd day problem it was suggested to use Novolog and that will be the last think I will choose. I’ll sooner go to changing the Pod every 2 days instead of three. I’m just so pleased with it. I can’t say that I see it working quicker, but I do see the tail ending sooner and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I spoke to our local OP rep and she specifically stated they have no reports of issues with Apidra in the Pod, but longer tubed pump users in warmer climates have seen clogging. That certainly wasn’t enough (or anything) to convince me it was our issue.

What if first you tried a different IC ratio for meals with your current site?

In my case it’s just what I need. When I start exercising (like I should) it might drop but I’ve always needed alot of insulin.

I take it in stride and live the best I can.

I could do that but I got a bottle of Apidra from the doctors office today and tomorrow is my change day. I’ll have to decide what to do next from here.

Aha! Yet another option! Decisions, decisions…

I use my legs, abdomen, lower back/upper butt. I dont know where else to try. I am going to try the arm but I do like saving that area for my sensors. I saw the picture of the calf site but I just dont think I could do that. I am such a chicken.

Yeah thats good but a definite answer would be better. I just wish I knew…is it behind door #1, or door #2??? Oh wait there is door #3 and door #4 to choose from also!

Lorraine that has to be frustrating. Nobody wants to loose a pod early.

The calf didn’t work very well for me (basals ran okay but any bolus was really slow and it seemed to take extra to cover the same carb amount).

I usually go w/ the back of my arm for my pods, but recently tried a new spot on the lateral aspect of my arm, w/ the canula just lateral and posterior to one of my bicepital heads. Here’s a picture of it (and I apologize for the angle/quality…it’s hard to shoot a picture of yourself w/ your phone at that angle :slight_smile:

I used to only put it back where the yellow circle is. But I’ve had good success w/ it here. I’ll be trying my other arm on the next pod change on Saturday night. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I know, I know! I personally would go with the IC ratio first because I think that’s just the easiest to eliminate, but you know best. Go with your gut.

Cool! Pic is great!