Insulin maybe novorapid not working

hey everyone im on novorapid and levemir i find that iv been having a raising hba1c in about 9% last time to check and control not good previously about 5 years before i was on humulin m3 which suprisingly my hba1c was around 7.2% is it possible that novorapid is just not working for me does anyone have any experience with insulin not working for them?.

You really haven’t given enough information to say what the problem is, but I’m certain it’s a variety of factors. NovoRapid is a reliable rapid-acting insulin. I don’t think NovoRapid on its own is the problem, but how you are using it. It’s equally possible your Levemir dose isn’t sufficient to meet your basal needs, and again a variety of other factors, including dawn phenomenon, inadequate dosing for carbs and high-protein meals, stress, hormones and a million other things have driven up your a1c. Do you have access to a CGM or Freestyle Libre? That’s the best way to start seeing what your blood sugars are doing and then you can figure out a way to manage better.


hi sorry so i inject 16units of levemir at night and i had a meal recently 2x toast 40grams of carb with peanut butter stated at 9.3 injected 4units of insulin 2hours later sugar is at 13.6 then 3hours after meal 12.7 mmol then 4hour sugar is 12.1mmol then at 5hour sugar is 10.7 then 6hour sugar is 9.2 then around 7hours after meal i started to feel hungry but not ate and sugar was like 8.8mmols

Do you have T1 or T2 diabetes?

Again, it’s really hard to say what’s going on in your specific situation, all I can really do is give you general advice. Your NovoRapid is working, it’s how you use it combined with Levemir that will determine your A1C. Is Humulin M3 a 70/30 mixture, meaning you were on a 2-3 injection/day regimen before and now you are starting MDI? It’s a whole different ballgame if so, you have to make sure your basal dose of Levemir is correct, and often this means taking it 2x/day since it doesn’t last 24 hours for most people. Since ideally it should keep you flat without peaking, you have to be very accurate in dosing NovoRapid for carbs and taking corrections when necessary. You may also find that one dose of NovoRapid is not sufficient for many foods, including those with high protein/fat. Peanut butter is very slow digesting for example, and usually trying to dose for it upfront with NovoRapid will drop you low and send you high later. You will find you often have to take multiple injections hours after eating, or use Regular insulin for slow-digesting meals instead of NovoRapid (or combined with it). It’s not as simple as just injecting before each meal and expecting good results, I sometimes inject 10 or more times per day which you probably weren’t dealing with before if on a 70/30 regime!

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Don’t know why but I get the impression that you might be Type 2. If so the best I say is that Type 2 is an ever evolving and progressing disease.

Most of us start with oral meds but the continued strain on our pancreas takes its toll until one day more oral meds are needed and still the progression continues. Eventually if you have played the game long enough insulin is needed and the progression goes on.

The trick, for the lack of a better term, is to adapt. Basal needs can and do change for a variety of reasons, so do carb ratios and correction factors. What worked in the past may not work today.

I would start my quest by doing basal testing, If you don’t know how do a search for “Basal Testing” there are topics that discuss the process. Once you are sure your basal rate is correct you can move on to adjusting carb ratios and correction factors.

And another good idea, ask for help from your doctor.

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