Insulin No More . .

Insulin no more . . .

After twenty-five years of taking 26 units of Insulin twice a day I am now Insulin free. Simply by changing my diet my sugars became normal in about two-four weeks and have remained normal for the last nine months. I am/was (?) type 2.
I found myself recently widowed and did not know how to cook. And I have no intension of learning. As I started to eat more raw foods I noticed my blood sugars dropping. My diet is now about ninety percent raw foods; no processed foods, dairy, meats, breads, and sugars. Well, almost none. Daily I do have a baked skinless chicken breast or salmon, unpasteurized honey as a sweetener, and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, a toasted sardine sandwitch, and cinnamon.

My sugars are normal (6-7.5, rarely in the 5’s or over 8.0) My diabetes doctor recently inspected and tested my feet, saying I did not need to see him anymore.

When I am out for dining I eat what I am served, basically ignoring the diet. Recently I was off my diet for two days. (Six meals plus snacks) The next morning my sugars were normal. Late one night I ate a chocolate bar. Early the next morning my sugars were normal.