Insulin pen problem

So I just gave my 12 units of levemir using my novopen echo. I primed the pen as usual before injecting, had a new pen tip as always but as I was injecting with the pen there was so much resistance I could not push the injection any further - it was like it was stuck or jammed… I pulled it out and there was 4 units still left on the dial so moved to another site and injected the rest of the dose without any resistance or problem. . Do you think I was maybe injecting into some hard tissues initially and that’s why there was so much resistance when I first injected ?? I’m so worried I didn’t get all my dose. :worried:

Hopefully now a day later you know the answers. Did you do frequent bg checks ? If higher than expected, you would know levemir was not as effective due to tissue. More likely a pen issue and your full dose was delivered after 2nd try.

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I used to have that problem when I used pens or I would an get an excessively long stream of insulin from the pen when I was checking the pen. Try posting on the Type 2 group as a lot of them use pens, I think for more info in case this happens again.

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Yes I kept a close eye on dexcom yesterday. My sugars did run a bit higher so maybe the insulin didn’t absorb so well or it was just one of those days.
I started a new vial of levemir tonight with a spare pen I had just in case it was a faulty pen.

I love pens. The only time I have ever had a problem with them is when I wasn’t changing the needle often enough. Now I always make sure that my pens are performing well. I will squirt out 2 or 3 units between injections and only use the pen when I get a steady stream of insulin. It sounds like you change your needle with every injection, and I definitely do not.

I have been extremely fortunate and have no hard tissue. If I had the problem you experienced, I would blame it on the needle. If I experienced it again, I would probably blame the pen.

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Lantus and levemir are like glue and they used to clog up my pens on a regular basis. I mitigated that issue by using the same needle for Lantus and Levemir as I did with Humalog. The Humalog always flushed out the Lantus and Levemir, and eventually no longer ever had that problem when I went to only using Humalog.

That may have been the problem then. Although I used Levimer for a very short period of time and Lantus for years, I was still using bottles so I never noticed how thick or sticky those insulins were. I use Tresiba and Novolog pens.