Insulin pen issue

When giving my levemir injection just now when pressing the plunger down there seemed to be some resistance and I had to push the button quite forcefully to inject. As I was halfway through injecting I couldn’t stop and start again. Maybe I was in some scar tissue not sure. It did click to indicate the dose was given and the memory on the cap indicates it delivered 12 units ( novopen echo ) but now I’m worried :neutral_face: will it still absorb and work ?

Levemir can clog the pen needle if it is left in there (like if you reuse the needle).

For Levemir, I suggest using a new needle. Or if using an old needle, at least pushing a few units out to clear it before you inject.

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Thank you. Yes I use a new needle tip every time and always prime before each injection.

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What you described sounded like a clogged needle.

When I’ve experienced that before, I’ve tried injecting the insulin after removing the pen from my body, and sometimes it doesn’t move. So I can tell it’s definitely clogged. And then after replacing the needle, it would move fine.

I guess even a brand new needle can clog if there is insulin in it. Like if you put on a new needle, prime it, and then let it sit. It could clog that way too.

In your case though, maybe just checking your BG for the next several hours is gonna be the best way to know if you got the insulin.

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There was a drop of insulin on the pen tip after I removed it from my skin. So I’m hoping that indicates it wasn’t actually clogged. Anyway I’ll keep an eye on things today.

If you have Humalog, you can always flush out your Lantus with a very small dose of Humalog. 1 unit or less.

I find that the needle tip internal needle doesn’t pierce the rubber in the pen. So the plunger has no where to push the juice…
I re-screw the tip and it makes it…
Dont push to hard as there is built up pressure.

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