Flexpen screw broken

I use Novorapid and Levemir Flexpen. Recent stock of those pens made me notice that after some use the white coloured screw that pushes the dose when we press the pen moved out of position vertically to the side. When I press to inject it gets pressed in too fast without any resistance and dose is not properly delivered. Anyone faced this problem before?

I use Levemir , I too have had issues with pens. I have had trouble also. When injecting the pen gets stuck, won’t inject. I remove it and twist the dial, then get a new needle, usually can then inject. Not sure what to say about the pen as I have low vision and can’t see much of it.

I only used levemir pens for a very short time, while I did use them, the white disc that pushed the plunger that pushes the insulin out of the pen and in to my body broke off and was clicking around inside the pen body. I called Novo and they replaced not only that pen but 4 more besides and they asked me to return to pen to the pharmacy so they could look at it. Now I still have the replacement package of pens in my fridge because I switched to a pump but it is the only pen that I have used that malfunctioned that way. Prior to that I used lantus, apidra, and Humalog pens and none of them broke like that.

I've had some issues with my levemir pens- I was going to post about it. They don't twist smoothly like my novolog pens did. They seem to inject ok though but I feel I have to force them sometimes. I was going to call whoever makes levemir and ask what is going on with them.

Sometimes I have had to push the end of the pen extremely hard to operate it. While it has never actually failed I can imagine many people would have trouble pressing it that hard. Perhaps this is the reason for the move to the Flextouch pens.