Insulin Pens

I just picked up my Lantus and Humalog pens and needles. Is there anything I need to watch out for or some special technique? I briefly watched the Diabetic Educator put one together last week but now I’m nervous.

Click here for a video about how to use insulin pens and click here for a written desription (every other page is not in English – I think that it was translated).

Hope that these help and that you will like your new pens!

Before you dial your insulin up. Make sure u dial 2 units up and squirt it in the air to make sure there is no air in the insulin pen

Thank you Brent and Kristin. I had forgotton about dialing 2 units when I saw it done. The video was very helpful also. The needles look so big to me!!

I just wanted to add that the dialing of one or two units is not so much about air in the cartridge. The concern is that the stamp or foot that is pressing the insulin out is not sitting very firmly. So physical activity like walking could move the stamp. If this has happened you will see that nothing comes out on the first try to dial 2 units. If this would happen when the needle is already in your skin you will not know how many units have been injected - maybe some would be missing.

You might be able to find different lengths of pen needles. They make shorter ones and longer ones. Ask at the pharmacy.

Tonight I cleared the cartridge after dialing in 2 units, then gave my injection without setting any dose. Stupid huh!

Kristin, what length of needle do you use? Mine say 1/2 inch.

Yes, there are shorter needles that are 3/16 in (so less than half the length of your current one). You can request them at the pharmacy. Here is a link to a page that sells them.

Thanks Kristin. I just Emailed the MD so see if she will order me the shorter ones. If not, I’ll buy them anyway because my stomach is bruised and I can’t inject in my legs now (not enough fat).