Pen Recommendations

I gave the pen a shot (no pun intended) a few years back and I hated it. I frequently give myself small boluses and I kept seeing insulin drip out of the needle when I pulled it out. I went back to syringes and never looked back.

I want the to try the pen again, but I need recommendations from actual users, not my endo. She only had one pen to show me and I know she was getting kickdowns from the compnany lol. I just need it to be as accurate as a manual shot.

I’ve noticed the insulin drips as well on several types of insulin pens - the one that came with the InDuo had that problem as does the Novolog flexpen and Novopen junior. I’m thinking it might have to do with how long you let the needle stay in you, if that makes any sense? If I remember correctly, even with injections from a regular syringe if you push hard enough you can get a tiny droplet of remaining insulin to come out after dosing.

However, even with the drips I haven’t noticed less accurate insulin delivery.

My doctor told me to count till 10 while the needle is in before taking it out, this should reduce the dripping! I’m using Novorapid Flexpen and Lantus. I also noticed that for me injecting in the thighs it’s less accurate and keeps coming out.
Hope this will help!Ale

Your not holding it in long enough… since the needle is shorter (usually) and smaller than the corresponding syringe…it has to be absorbed… if i pinch slightly, inject, and count to ten… I think iv only once had it drip after that!

You can get half unit pens (for cartridge based insulin, not the disposable … Novalog has the Novapen Jr, and Lily has the Luxura HD… (wish the Memoir did half units. Grrrh)… remember though most have a 1unit minimum to inject… (ie you cant inject half a unit only, but in multiples of half units… ie 1u is the smallest you can dose)