Insulin Pooling Under Skin with Omnipod

My numbers have been high this morning and I was blaming monthly hormones. After my 2nd correction bolus, I noticed a bit of discomfort around my pod and felt a hard area under the tape at the point where the canula inserts. I rubbed a bit, thinking that the insulin pooled under the skin which had happened once before with my MDI regimen, and the hard spot is gone. My numbers are slowly coming down. If they don’t continue to do so, I assume I will change the pod to a new location, probably running it by my CDE and/or the Omnipod support people. Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what else might be going on? I know infections are possible so will monitor for tenderness. I am due to change the pod tomorrow.

Update…my numbers are coming down…I guess rubbing the spot allowed my correction boluses to be absorbed and now I am afraid of going too low. Sheesh. I’ll just keep checking.

I just read Melissa’s comment on the “Worst that can happen…” discussion and will watch for an infection.