Insulin Pooling

Question for the group. Last Saturday I had an unusual day. My body wasn’t fully absorbing the insulin from the pod. My sugars were never lower than 250 for almost 24 hours. I changed pods, location and insulin but no help.

Each time I took a reading it indicated a large amount of insulin still on board. I tried walking to help but it didn’t work. Suddenly 2 hours after a reading of 329 my BG dropped to 129 and I still had 6 units of insulin on board. I used over 40 more units of insulin in that 24 hour period than normal.

I never experienced this before. Has anyone else? If so, what can I do in these situations.

the only time we have had that problem is when the canual had come out so my son was not recieving the insulin. This has actually happened several times.

usually after three checks if his blood sugar wont go down we chage the pod.

I actually had an experience like this earlier this month. I generally use 60-70 units each day but for two days I was using 100 - 110 units. I actually had an appointment with my Endo during this and she was concerned because of the huge jump but said that if it went away it was problem just a major hormone thing. Thanks to my CGM I was managing to keep my sugars below 200 for most of that time but it was really frustrating and worrisome. That was the second time I had this happen, the first time I thought my insulin had gone bad but now I’m questioning that assumption. No way to tell at this point though. If I’m high for a while and can’t bring it down I do usually try a shot of insulin (rather than a bolus) as sometimes it gets absorbed differently. Other than that it sounds like you were doing exactly what I would have. Good luck with it and thank God it’s over. :slight_smile: