Insulin Prescription Laws

I am currently writing an article for Diabetes Self Management about Insulin and whether a prescription is needed or not in the United States and other countries. Here is a chart on prescription laws. I wonder if it’s up to date. All comments and updates are welcome.

Certain insulin requires a prescription Novalog, Humalog, Lantus and Apidra. There may be more but these i know do require a script no matter what state you are in.

Thanks David - I am aware that these do require a prescription in the United States but I have found a site online where you can purchase Lantus without a prescription from Canada and they do encourage people from the United States to purchase from them as well.

Anyone have any thoughts or comments?

David is right. I have never been able to get insulin without a prescription. I currently use Apidra, before that Humalog, before that R and NPH. I’ve been a diabetic since 1990, all that time in the state of Texas. My understanding of the law is that an Rx is required so that patients don’t self-medicate and switch medications without the approval of a physician.

And while traveling abroad in the Czech Republic in 2001, I could not buy R cartridges when I ran out of Humalog because I didn’t have a valid prescription for R at the time and the Czech pharmacy couldn’t sell it to me.

Which insulin are you proposing can be bought without an Rx?

NPH and R can be bought in any state without a Rx except for Alaska. I personally know this because I used to purchase my Dad’s NPH and R insulin without a prescription.