Insulin Pumps and Supplies

Lately I have seen some posts from members of similar groups requesting to purchase pumps, infusion set, and reservoirs. Even some want to give these items away. I know the economy is bad right now for many people out there and diabetes management is a major expense. Where I live in Maryland USA, you must have a prescription for these items or you are breaking the law. Similar to misuse of prescription drugs. You can buy all the regular insulin here, as well as syringes, glucose tabs, and test strips. But Novolog and Humalog are presciption items. Laws may be different in other ares, but pumps and related item must have a prescription.

Yeah, but are these laws that are ever enforced? And should they be? I mean, why would someone want these things if they didn’t have diabetes? How exactly could someone abuse an infusion set? And what exactly are people without insurance supposed to do? Sorry, but I think this is just BS. I was without health insurance back in college and I had to obtain some of these things without insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you can’t go to a doctor to get the prescription to begin with. And if you don’t have these things (particularly, insulin), you’re dead.

Also, you CAN buy infusion sets and reservoirs online without an Rx, regardless of what state you’re in.

No kidding, its a very grey area… Some states you cant buy infusion sets and resevoirs without a script, but online is always different… some do something akin to the “contacts by mail thing” where they have a prescriber on staff. It is ■■■■■■■■. Most people asking for these supplies have a prescription from past orders… Hence why a lot of people on here get scolded by the staff on TU for discussing it… but its one way the physicians use to “prescription extort” pump patients… And god forbid your an adult… most of the places that can donate pump supplies (and they require a prescription mostly)… for the most part will not give you anything… Its all about the kids for the most part. Unfortunately its another #FDA control freak regulation. in other countries almost ALL D supplies are OTC

I agree with both of you. You can get anything on the 'net. Booze, guns, Viagra, etc. I don’t want the GOV to track down my IP address and give me a lot of grief! We have enough GOV already.