Insulin pump/CGM systems: Medtronic 770G/780G VS Tandem Control-IQ VS Omnipod 5

a key bit of information for Medicare Part B subscribers. FDA approved the Dexcom g6 as accurate enough to not need supplemental checks. FDA did NOT approve the Medtronic Guardian sensors as not needing independent checks. Because of that, the T:slim X2 by Tandem, INCLUDING the supporting items–insulin, Tandem components, and sensors–are all durable medical equipment covered by Medicare as Part B.

Not to mention that any time the phone OS is upgrades, whether it’s Android or iOS, many apps can lose the ability to work. Apple & Google aren’t going to wait to make sure their systems work for the small number of people using pumps before they roll out updates. Older phones (Android specifically) often can’t update to the latest version which means you’re forced to buy a new phone. Apple is pretty good about supporting older generations.

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Looks like this may have changed.

I received this e-mail today from Medtronic:

We’re pleased to share that Medicare has expanded Medicare coverage for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) that integrates with a Medtronic insulin pump. Historically, it has not been covered under Medicare insurance, which is why you’ve been able to take part in the CGM Access Discount program.

Orders placed after February 28, 2022, will now go through your Medicare coverage, instead of the CGM Access Discount program. To keep your next sensor order running smoothly, we’d like to discuss changes in the price and make sure we have everything that’s needed. Please call us at 800-646-4633, Option 2 (Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Central Time) for personalized support. To get answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Medicare support page.

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The change occurred at Medicare. They changed the rules so that adjunctive technology. Adjunctive in this case relate to the use of test strips for calibration. However, they approved adjunctive technology at a lower percentage. This mostly means MedT will not have as much reimbursement as other non adjunctive technologies.

It is a wonderful thing for MEDT users and has been well reported. The G4 sensor is expected to be placed on the same level at Dexcom and Libra.

Hi Rphil. Please tell me what you mean by G4 Sensor? Is that a new sensor for the 780 which has not come out yet?

Please explain.

Here is info on Guardian 4. Seems to be available in nonUS, and pending US FDA approval.

Thankyou Rphil

G4 is the name of the next guardian sensor. It will likely have a different name when it is introduced in the United States.

So glad to see someone else who is like me with ability to see screen etc. on their insulin pumps (I’m trialing the 770g at the moment after getting fed up with Animas Ping). I just started down the pathway with macular degeneration & retinopathy after almost 60 years as a T1D. I count myself lucky to only be having eye issues at this point in time with hopefully time to prepare.

It is fairly rare to have DPR this many years of diabetes. It usually occurs 10-20 years after diagnosis. Mine started 15 years after diagnosis. Fortunately for you, there are some very good therapeutics for retinal diseases.
I was on an Animas pump, and prior a Cosmo. I am quite satisfied with the 770g pump, although not too different from the 630g. I am used to the dex cgm, and for the foreseeable future will stay with that.
The people who design smart devices, phones, pumps, and etc. are not designing it for people with visual impairment, or the elderly.