Insulin Pump Day 3 - Heading Low!

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Well everything is essentially back to normal. That drop is what I experienced every day…


Just a stupid question. Is there a trend evidenced on the time of day of the low, the amount of insulin on board, activity in the prior 24 hours of that bracket of time, and of course food intake up to three hours prior? I get overwhelmed inputting all this information just by organizing the question. We do it daily, hourly and sometimes even more. I always feel like I don’t know enough to make the right changes in calibration. Welcome to the pump. It really did change my life. I still remember the day I got mine. Overall , for me, a benefit. I am sure you will figure out very quickly how to vary your basals and boluses. Any questions, I am happy to add my two cents.

Yes. That’s the simple answer. Exercise can and does change your insulin sensitivity for 18-36 hours. That’s why T2 on insulin, once they start exercising are at very high risk of hypoglycaemia. I have 6 or 7 different rates set up now just to handle my body’s rhythms and those are for workout days where everything is pretty constant. The non-workout schedule will be an interesting on to set up.

hmmm. I have tried countless set ups for work out days . My shortfall is not documenting in a written form how, if at all, the hypo exists, and exactly the time of same, even though all the info is available to me in the glucometer read out. Some days, it occurs, 7 hours later. Some days , not at all. Some days, all through the day, every three hours. Instead of figuring out the time, and analyzing it, I fall short, and treat the hypo, and move on to whatever I am doing.

i was gonna ask hows it going :slight_smile:

Mine is the same way. I usually go low about 430-6 and that’s just very late onset hypoglcaemia from the workout. I just dial my basal down at 4-6 and it minimized the severity w/o compromising control.

Amy - It’s going well. Better than I expected!

sufu, at least your experience is better than mine. I am STILL on saline till the 3rd :(…Not a happy camper at all.

I was on saline for 2.5 days. Had to do BG and carb counting for 3 before and during the saline. Other than that it was a go from the start.

still better experience than I…how has it been without the lantus now?

Different to say the least