Insulin pump dose for colonoscopy?

So my last meal of 3 scrambled eggs will be on March 23 at 8 am, then clear liquids only until 5 am on the 24th. Then nothing until after the procedure.

The oscopy people would only say Type 1s usually do better than Type 2s.

My nurse at the endo said I need to keep checking and use a temporary basal. She's probably right, but I'm looking for more detailed experience. Anyone done this?

Also, what if you have an insulin reaction during those last 3 or so hours?

Thanks for your input!

I just had this procedure and it was the second time. I did have to lower my basal rates. Best blood sugars ever though... LOL

I had a low the night before and I used sugar cubes to raise my blood sugar. I have a CGM and was constantly monitoring my blood sugars. I did not have that tool the first time - but tested often with my ONe Touch. I was running about 80-100 before the procedure and even had to suspend the insulin a bit because the arrows were going down on my CGM. I did not go too low - but towards the procedure I took lots of finger sticks - and told the doctor that I was running a bit on the low side. You might ask your doctor if you can do sugar before if you go too low.

I tend to run low basal rates - like .35 to .375 and lowered my basals by about 20-30 percent.

Thanks, Susan. I am waiting to hear back from my endo. A different nurse said they have guidelines about what to do and she will get them to me. After I get them, I will go back to the oscopy place and grill them.

I had my last colonoscopy about 4 years ago, and I think I went with a 50% basal rate, but I played around a bit based on my BG reading in the morning.