Insulin Pump Failure

Hey everyone. I am going to the endo this coming week and am hopefully going to start on the pump very soon after that. I have been looking at the different pumps available and their pros and cons and I thinkI have narrowed it down to 3:

Minimed 722
Cozmo 1800
Animas 2020

Now, I have seen some posts regarding pumps failing and it got me wondering. So i present this question to all the pumpers out there:

How long have you been pumping?
What pump(s) do you use?
How many times has your pump failed?
What was your experience on getting it replaced (turnaround, cost, service etc.)?

This will definitely help in deciding which pump to go with.

-Been pumping since 2002.
-Minimed 515 (previous generation to the 715 -only difference between the 715 and the 722, as far as I know, is the capacity)
-Only once: you know my story already. :slight_smile:
-It was under warranty. I called Medtronic at 8 am on Friday. At 11 am on Saturday I had the replacement pump in my hands.

I dedicated this week’s podcast to tips in case of pump failure:

I have been pumping since 2001, or 2000, anyway it was July.
I was on a minimed 511 for three years. It fail, as in had to be replaced 6 times in the first 6 months. They were quick about sending a new pump, except for once. My pump missed the flight and came a day late and no one was home to sign for it, so it was sent back. They sent me another one to work, by the time it was all straightened out it took 5 days to replace. If you have a problem you have to call before 6pm est. Minimed is on the west coast and next day air requests have to be in by 3pm thier time.
I have been on a Cozmo for over a year and have had no problmes, except for the shape, which I am learning to live with.

In 2004 I got a Disetronic htron+ but switched to a Cozmo in November 2005. I have never had a pump failure. I really like my pump.

How long have you been pumping?
Eight months.

What pump(s) do you use?
Cozmo 1700.

How many times has your pump failed?
Once. It got wet and evidently wasn’t waterproof. A “stuck key” alarm started going off every few minutes and within half an hour the entire keypad wouldn’t work. I called Smiths Medical and they were very fast getting back to me and I was supposed to get a new pump by early the next morning. However …

What was your experience on getting it replaced (turnaround, cost, service etc.)?
It was under warranty so not cost. There were huge delays in it getting to me because the courier company LOST the pump. So I was sans a pump for about three days. Horrible experience. It traumatized me and I’m now afraid to get my pump wet even though I’d love to go swimming with it. However, I should note that I’m in Canada where things might be different. The pump company followed up with me and last I heard was switching to another courier company.

  1. I have been pumping for 20 years - 2 for a pancres transplant but still had to do the shots during that time.
    2 Now I use the MiniMed 722 but have used almost all the MM products as the years have gone by.
  2. This one once.
  3. At the longest with the other pumps over the years I think about 24 hours. Since all of mine were still in warrenty no cost to me. MM even paied the postage when I needed one!

Pumping since 1990 - I have had 3 MM pumps…only one had to be replace because i dropped it and it cracked the LCD screen. It was overnighted - no biggie.
Currently on the waterproof Animas 1250 - Last July 4th, i jumped in the pool with it on and the waterproof seal failed me. Replacement was overnighted, plus 1 day due to the incident happening on a holiday. I no longer EVER swim with it on.

They all pretty much do the same thing and replacements come easy…next pump i get will have an integrated CGM - carrying around this extra receiver isnt so bad, but i would like the option to not have to.

I’ve been pumping for about 8 years now, I started out with a MM 508, upgraded to the MM 715-
which I wore for 1 month, and returned b/c it didn’t really suit my needs.
I now have a Cozmo 1800, my daughter has the 1700, and she was off the pump for awhile, so I wore hers, to check it out and definately fell in love.
No pump failures yet on either pump, I got the 1800 at the beggining of August, so that’s fairly new, but the 1700 has been in use since 2003, the first one she had, she somehow cracked the screen, and this one was here within 24 hours. Their customer service is fantastic

Here’s a link you may want to check out:

How long have you been pumping? 4.5 years
What pump(s) do you use? MM 511 and now MM 722
How many times has your pump failed? The 511 went beyond the 4 year warranty, never a problem then it failed out of warranty
What was your experience on getting it replaced (turnaround, cost, service etc.)? MM sent me a loaner even though my MM 511 was out of warranty. The CSR was so caring and understanding as I was a bit stressed. The loaner came the nest day, and I got to keep it until I saw endo and new pump was ordered. :slight_smile: The current MM 722 no issues as yet.

Did you read SRI’s results after trying out several pumps. Also I went with MM as I am trying to get the CGMS.

Hi Chris,
I started pumping 8, will soon be 9 next year. My first pump was a Disetronic H+. I had that for 4 years and never had any problems. After that my next pum was and is Minimed 512 and with this one I’ve never had a problem, yet. I think this is my 4th year so maybe next year I’ll get another pump and maybe not. As long as this one still works.

Hi Chris-

Good luck with your search! I’ve been ‘pumping’ since 2002. I have used the Minimed pumps=== currently I am on the Paradigm (but it is not under warranty right now). My pump failed once in Disneyland and I called the 800 number and they walked me through it and there was no need for a pump to be sent out!

As a whole, Minimed has been a good company, but I’ve had some issues with them. If you choose them, stay on top of your billing and supply orders. Minimed currently OWES me over $300 for billing me before getting the full payment from my insurance. They won’t automatically return it, but I have to call once I get a bill and request that they take the money off of what they owe me. That’s a pain.

However, in two days, I will be transferring to the Omnipod insulin pump manufactured by the Insulet company (Boston, MA company). You might want to consider since it is cordless (no cannula to be kinked) and the handheld device that gives your bolus’ is also your meter (freestyle based).

Thanks Coll I forgot about the 1-800 number!! God Chris it is wonderful!!! I think that’s on EVERY pump that they have out there now and I use the MM number alot when things aren’t right! I have always had great service from that number and talked to a diabetic doing pump therpy or a person there that had a family member on the pump. I personaly liked the dibetics I got to talk to the best!!!

Thanks for the link. I check out that comparison plus another on and both gave me good technical info. Not just trying to get the experience feedback.

My son has Type 1 - away at college. He has been on the MM 722 for over one year - no pump failures, but this thread has me worried! :slight_smile:

My son has been pumping since 2006
-Cozmo 1800
-only once, our fault kinda…the cozmo is waterproof as long as you remove the meter and change the top. we removed the meter and forgot to change the top (I think it was on the fritz before that)
-Replacement came overnight. the customer service is great. and the meter on the pump feature is great. It alows you to use software at home to track your blood glucose as often as you like.

I used the Cozmo for 4 years and never had it fail on me. I just started using the Animas and so far so good with that as well (but it’s only been a couple months). I love(d) both pumps. The only reason I switched to the Animas was because it’s smaller. Both have terrific features (the Cozmo actually has a couple really cool features that I don’t believe any of the other pumps have). I would highly recommend either one.

I had a problem with a insulin pump failure… From 2000 thru 2004… I had 9 insulin pumps during that time… They just failed without warning… I got very sick… Now I’m on the MiniMed Paradigm 515 insulin pump for 2 1/2 years with no problems… Yea! :} :} I got my Paradigm 515 in Jan. 2005…

Yeah I wanted the omnipod but they dont currently have it in every state you can go on the website and put in your address and it will tell you if they service your state

almost a year
Minimed 722