Pump failure

I had heard that pump failure was pretty rare, but I’ve been pumping for less than six months and this happened to me this morning! The pump would not stop alarming and the entire keypad died, so I am getting a new pump sent. It won’t arrive until tomorrow, though, and in the meantime I am doing Humalog injections every 2-3 hours. This will get annoying during the night, to say the least!

So, how common is this? How many here have actually had a pump completely die on them and require a new one to be sent? I am hoping it won’t happen again. I’m just glad it happened right now during the part of the summer I’m at home relaxing and not while I’m at work or travelling, where it would have been even more stressful than it already was this morning!

Hi Jennifer. I got my first MM715 pump in February 2005. Almost exactly a year later it croaked with an “A33” error (pressure sensor went out). So, Minimed sent me another in February 2006. I moved to Germany in the summer and then in January… tada… less than a year with my 2nd pump… croak. Another “A33” error, won’t prime, had to be replaced. (Which took over a week since the warranty is in the US and I’m in Europe. Can’t you get an emergency Lantus or Levemir prescription so you don’t have to jab yourself every 2 hours? Or was it just on the weekend so no? I had to do that for 2 days because I couldn’t a prescription on the weekend either. That was horrid.)

So, I’m on my THIRD MM715 in less than 3 years. I wrote in to a pumpers forum and everyone acted like this was so rare. So I can’t tell you how common it is, just that I got two lemons (please, please, not three!) in a row! Hope you didn’t. What type of pump do you have?

I have been pumping since September 2004, first with a Htron+ and then after a year with a Cozmo. I have never had a pump failure. I have been instructed to add up add up the basal per 4 hour time periods and then give corresponding boluses every 4 hours plus boluses for each meal. Why must you bolus every 2-3 hours?

The guidelines I got from the hospital when I first started the pump were to do injections every three hours while off the pump. Maybe four would work, too. I was doing some every two hours because I am bad at timing the basal injections and boluses to correspond. :slight_smile:

I hope that this doesn’t happen again either! I have a Cozmo, and they said it was probably caused by water getting inside the pump (even though it’s supposed to be waterproof, and this was the first time I actually got it wet … go figure). It did happen on a Sunday here which is inconvenient. Originally they told me a pump would be to me within a few hours so I took Humalog, and then a few hours later found out it wouldn’t get here till the next day. By that time there was only 16-18 hours or so till the new one, so I decided not to take Lantus, even though I still have some from my pre-pump days in the fridge! My new pump should be here any time now, I can’t wait to get up and pumping again!

I’ve been using a minimed pump for 9 years now, and I’ve had the pump completely stop working 3 or 4 times. Once I was on vacation in Hawaii, once I was at a holiday dinner about an hour away from home, once I was on a weekend trip about 8 hours from home - seems like it happens on weekends when I’m out of town. I have always been able to pick up a bottle of NPH without a prescription and used that until I got the replacement pump.

I think it happens more than people like to admit, but to me it’s still worth using a pump.

My son has been on an Animas pump for 16 months. We are now on pump # 6. Out of those, only one stopped working completly and we had to go back to injections for a day (a very long day) The other times would be because the pump alarmed. If you get the same alarm 3 times within a 30 day period, they just replace the pump. They are very timely in replacing them though.

I had my first Minimeds (511) fail 3 times in two years. Each issue happened after having the pump in water. (They were still promoting them as waterproof at that time.) After they came out and said that they weren’t completely waterproof, and I quit dunking my pump in the water, I didn’t have any more pump failures.

Hi Jennifer - I’ve use Minimed pumps since September 2000. A pump has failed twice on me. Each time, I contacted Minimed customer support (always open) and they sent me a replacement quickly.

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary as a pumper and I’m on my 4th pump. Just got it a week ago. I use Animas Ping which I adore and it has changed my health totally. My first pump kept getting air in the cartridge and lines. It began occasionally and got worse until it would have the air within 30 min of a new cartridge. They thought it was me as I was new. I did everything anyone told me to try. It was the pump but took them 3 mo. to figure that out. Had the next one about 7 mo and was speaking to a tech about another question and she picked up on the fact she thought my keypad was going out. Sticking, etc. They sent a new one and I thought I was nuts. Were these keys actually sticking occasionally or was it my imagination? One day it skipped 4 screens when I woke it up. Got another new one last week so wish me luck. Still believe in Animas and they say they are not having a run on bad keypads. I think it is just my dumb luck but they have been great and chose to replace rather than take a chance on my pump quitting. I like that.

I have had a pump almost ten years now.I use a minimed522 and had a 512 prior to that. I have only had to replace mine twice. Once it did die,but the second time was because I accidentally dropped it on a concrete floor and cracked where the reservoir is supposed to go so the sensor for how much it needed to pump stopped working. The pump is only “water resistant” not water proof.You can find that info on minimed’s website.It can develop small cracks not really visible to the human eye and water may leak in there.When I did have to have it replaced they have always told me it’s overnight shipping so expect to wait at least 24 hours to receive when if you have to get another one again.

Oh I forgot I had another issue when I worked in a nursing home laundry room a few years ago, The static from the industrial dryers was so bad it killed one of my pumps.So 3 times in 10 years. That one was a pain in the butt because I had no insurance at this point.Now 4 years later I will finally have it paid off next month.Time to apply that 50 bucks to another medical bill and get another one in the never ending pile of bills taken care of. Uhhh.