How long have you been pumping?

I have been on Minimed pump for 3 years and love it. I am very brittle and take tiny doses of insulin so it has literally been a God send. I am already on my third pump in 3 years due to malfunction. Just curious how long others have been pumping and how many times their insulin pumps failed and had to be replaced. Insulin pump taking a swim in the toilet at 2am on a Saturday is WORST feeling EVER haha

I've had my pumps since 2008 and have had two of them blow up. The first one, it was Saturday, July 2 2011, I was training for the marathon, I think we ran 14 miles that day, the first time I'd ever run that distance (always a big deal for everybody who'd run a 1/2 but hadn't run farther!), it was really hot and humid and, near the end of the run, I got a *BUTTON ERROR*. I called Medtronic and the had a new one on the way but, since it was a 3 day weekend, I was out until Wednesday.

The second time was Labor Day 2013, the radar looked like scattered showers but we ran about 6 miles, training for a 1/2. We got caught in a squall and got drenched, same deal, *BUTTON ERROR*

More than 20 years using MM pumps. My first pump had a hinge door opening gig on it! I had it for years and years until I broke the converter for the reservoir. They sent me a totally new version of pump and I love it. My pumps have never failed (runs to knock wood). Even if the MM pumps were water able, I'd want a new one after a toilet swim. I used to 'chat' with a guy who wore his MM pump in the pool.

Been pumping just over 7 years.

Before the pump I could not get my A1c below about 7.9% and my readings ranged from 2 to 20 (45 - 350) on most days. I was up to about 8 shots a day trying to control things.

With the pump my A1c stays around 7.3% and my readings range from 3 to 12 (55 - 230) on most days. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement.

Excited to see where a CGM might take me. Hoping to have one by the end of this year.

I've had two brands of pumps so far (Cozmo and Animas) and have had one true pump failure (where the pump stopped working and I had to go on shots for three days), and three other replacements due to cracks in the pump (screen or cartridge compartment).

I've been pumping for only 3 years - the Animas Ping is my first pump. I've never had it malfunction. I called Animas about some issue I was having (don't remember what it was) and when I mentioned that I had to re-set the date and time whenever I changed the battery they said they would send me out a replacement as that could be dangerous. I thought that was silly, but as long as it didn't cost me anything!

Just out of curiosity, Lil Mama, what do you mean when you say you are brittle?

Having to reset the date and time with a battery change could be dangerous?! This has been happening to me with the last few battery changes ... I think maybe I should call Animas.

Oh, wait, do you mean it's just dangerous because they think someone could forget to do it? Or is it dangerous because the pump is malfunctioning? If it's just that they're worried about someone forgetting, I won't worry about it ...

I'm very very sensitive to insulin and carbs and my dr has shrugged his shoulders over my "issues" and labeled me "brittle". To control it I use temp basals, watch my cgm like a hawk, and eat 30 carbs a day.

Oh my CGM has literally saved my life a few times I highly recommend it and am absolutely addicted to mine! The Dexcom is SPOT ON 99% of the time I LOVE IT!!!

IN THE POOL!?!?! Didn't it break!?!
Wow that's impressive! You must have taken very good care of it. How did you wear it? Did you use protective case?

YES! Sweat and rain! My first failed pump was after getting very sweaty I am very very cautious now!

4 days with no pump!?!?! OMG I"D DIE! I only did shots for a few weeks so am basically shot clueless so when my pumps went out I was absolutely panicked!!

I did NPH the first time and Levemir the second time and was pretty shocked both times that it worked out really smoothly. I was almost thinking "hmmm, I could ditch the pump..." but like the compulsive control and data too much to do that. I just used the TDD, figured 1/2 basal, shot it and kept an eye on it with my meter. Both weekends were holidays and we were probably partying and riding bikes and stuff too so nothing got out of control.

I think that it was considered a liability issue because technically if you don't set it and it gives you the wrong basal dose at the wrong time it could create a dangerous low. I know, it's a stretch. I wasn't concerned but what the heck.

Interesting. Traditionally "brittle" was used for people who had wild fluctuations or continuous highs and were unable to control their blood sugar. I thought the term was no longer used.

I don't think it's used much anymore, but to me brittle always meant someone who had wide swings in their BG with no discernible pattern. I guess I would consider myself brittle to some extent, though I don't use the term. No endo or CDE has ever been able to spot patterns in my blood sugar, and even with best efforts I have highs >200 and lows <60 every day.

When I swim with my pump I put it in an aqua pac waterproof bag. I used to use a Sport Guard for the older pump. I think I still have one. The person who swims with his pump is an on-line forum pump dude I met in the DOC who just wore it in the pool - I assume clipped to his trunks but I didn't ask - LOL. I have never tried it.

The Animas Ping is waterproof and can be worn in up to 12 feet of water. Can't say that I've tried it, though other people do it all the time.

I've swam with my Animas many times. However, when you often they advise that you replace the cartridge and battery caps every three months to ensure the pump stays waterproof.

You shouldn't have to reset the date when you change the battery. If you have to do so, it suggests there is an unknown problem with the pump which might affect other more critical aspects of performance.

In 5+ years I had one critical failure with my MM522. It died (Motor Error) about 6.00 pm on Friday. Although the emergency helpline was working, Medtronic's UK office had closed for the weekend and Monday was a public holiday, so it was Tuesday before they could send out a replacement (which arrived Wednesday). To be fair, Medtronic have now changed their system so replacements are always sent out immediately.

I have only had the Vibe for 6 months. No failures, but I have had several "unexplained" pump-not-primed errors, which is a PITA since you have to disconnect and reprime. This is not very convenient particularly if the set is in in your thigh or leg and you are in public.