Insulin sensitivty and intimacy

I started on my insulin pump just under 2 months ago and I can now track my insulin sensitivity based on my basals and temp basal adjustments. During these 2 months, my wife had to leave on travel for about a week or so each time on three occasions. And I noticed something very peculiar:

Each of those occasions, my insulin sensitivity went up and my basals had to be turned down. I suspected that this had to do with me being celibate during my wife’s travels. To check this hypothesis, I decided to refrain from intimacy with my wife while she was with me and, sure enough, my basals again had to be turned down because my insulin sensitivity went up! And all of these times, the only thing different in my routine has been the intimacy thing - everything else, including my sleeping, waking, eating, working etc has been exactly what it always has been.

I wonder if it has anything to do with lower testosterone levels during celibacy, considering that testosterone is a sterol, and like other steroids, raises BG levels requiring more basal insulin.

Anyone else seen this? Any thoughts?

I haven’t done any search for research on sexual activity and testosterone levels…and no, my doc hasn’t ordered any testosterone levels for my labs so far. I should ask him, I guess. But I was surprised to see such a strong correlation between celibate periods and higher insulin sensitivity.